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Remote working and taxes
Businesses around the world are seeing the substantial benefits of remote working post-Covid 19. 
Open banking - are you ready to become a banking ecosystem?
Open banking is enabling new ways for people to manage their money.
Behavioral Biometrics and customer identity authentication
With synthetic identity fraud on the rise, behavioural biometrics enable banks to balance customer experience and fraud prevention.
Data storage consolidation
For many years, IT teams have struggled to manage several different data storage systems. Bringing together a range of silo systems into a frictionless ecosystem is often surrounded in complexity, whilst spiralling costs as vendors try to collaborate is frustrating.
YourDMS transforms FJ Chalke
With showrooms throughout Somerset, FJ Chalke continues to grow, but like most businesses that experience rapid growth, the challenges of managing increased amounts of paperwork become a much larger task.  With help from YourDMS (, FJ Chalke are transforming its operations.
With great power comes great responsibility (and cooling)
Data centres account for 1% of the world's total electricity usage each year, and by 2030 this is set to rise to around 3-13% with much of the power going into cooling servers and systems according to research conducted by Huawei Technologies.
On campus, colocation, or the cloud?
Higher education and research organizations faced with challenges for urgent digitization of their applications and data platforms, are now moving their IT infrastructure off-campus and into a purpose build data centre to ensure that their IT works harder for less.
How to launch a thriving B2B marketplace
As a marketplace entrepreneur, you want to build your marketplace with the best possible chance of success by putting a robust strategy in place and look at how others have used these platforms to their competitive advantage.
The pervasiveness of data and data-centric security strategy
In this last year, we have seen an exponential growth in not just the amount of digital data, but also its vulnerability. 
US data privacy at a glance​
Data privacy protection is both a fundamental right and an economic need, as data breaches grow in impact and frequency. 
A pandemic of cyber attacks
With 2020 dominated by the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was also a sharp rise in cybercriminal activity. From simple phishing attacks to one of the largest DDoS attacks ever recorded, we saw the cyber threat landscape evolve and grow.
Infinibox SSA - delivering confidence
For as long as there has been competition among IT vendors, IT vendors have bragged about the performance of their products. Too often vendors toss around the word performance as if it were some simple, one-dimensional thing.
Cloud misconfigurations - a greater threat than one might think
New research from Team Nautilus revealing that a significant majority of companies that move to multi-cloud environments are not properly configuring their cloud based services.
The hidden glass ceiling of AI
In a world driven by connections, graph algorithms provide one of the most potent approaches to analyzing connected data because they are specifically built to operate on relationships.
Rethinking digital processes
As CEOs look to transform their enterprises and drive new business models forward to thrive in the digital economy, addressing business process management issues has never been more critical.
Deep learning myths, lies and videotape (2: Balderdash!)
While there are no enterprise storage systems other than InfiniBox that claim to use DL (and none do), there are many that claim to use AI/ML.
Deep learning myths, lies and videotape (1: Verities!)
When it comes to marketing storage products, IT vendors often misuse the terms Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL).
Managing emotions with AI
Spotify Web Player has recently patented a voice recognition technology that is capable of tailoring bespoke music recommendations to our emotions and environment.  With the help of Artificial Intelligence, could this new music technology become another powerful tool for advertisers and tech giants to target us more effectively?  Asks Tom Andrews at Rightly.
Credential phishing attacks
In the last month, the Menlo Labs team has been observing a steady rise in credential phishing attacks. Credential phishing is a popular method of attack where attackers make use of fake login pages or forms to steal credentials of commonly used services in a corporate environment.
Lockdown 2.0 and the DDos threat
No matter how productive you think you have been while working remotely, cybercriminals worked just as hard to exploit every vulnerability that emerged from the pandemic.
GBS case study
Gerichte Basel-Stadt delivers critical performance benefits and reduces costs with Infinidat’s flexible enterprise storage model.
OFFSITE reduces costs
OFFSITE reduces costs of delivering enterprise IT services to its clients with Infinidat's elastic pricing and flexible storage model.
VDC overcomes growth challenges
Fast-growing managed hosting provider VDC drives business, cost savings and storage consolidation using Infinidat.
Why is Apple associated with high business productivity?
Staff productivity is one of the biggest impacts on business revenue. It is widely recognized that productive employees perform tasks more quickly and to a higher degree of quality. This frees up more time for additional tasks, making a company’s output greater.
Rethinking the storage infrastructure
With digital transformation under way at most enterprises, IT management is pondering how to optimize storage infrastructure to best support the new big data analytics focus.
Enterprise platform or point solution? - separating the hype from the reality
In 2021, the word ‘platform’ is going to be bandied about more and more often as all kinds of software vendors attempt to reposition their software in order to seem more foundational, comprehensive and cost-efficient.
What are ABM, MDM and DEP?
There is a new range of acronyms in town – DEP, MDM and ABM. But what do they mean and why do they matter?
The new normal is Work from Anywhere
The workplace of the future is likely to be very different to the one we have all experienced in the past.
Case Study - YourDMS streamlines Pets Corner
A combination of Abbyy Flexicapture – for data extraction – and Invu Document Management and Workflow – for easy storage, retrieval and management of information, sees YourDMS streamline processes at Pet Corner.
Next generation data analytics insights with graph technology

The pace of data science adoption by business is accelerating. Increasingly, organizations are applying graph-powered analytics to connected data to discover insights and power innovation.

Case Study - Pulsant meets customer demand with Infinidat

Identifying and deploying innovative, robust, technology is critical to the continued success of the Pulsant business. The company invests heavily in software, infrastructure and skills in order to remain agile and boost its competitive edge.

How a hybrid innovation platform can drive integration
Connecting and standardizing an organization’s data and business processes, across its entire application landscape, places a significant strain on traditional technologies, methods, and abilities. 
Preparing your DR for 2021
Technology disasters can happen at any time. An IT disaster can be any unexpected problem that results in a slowdown, interruption or failure in a key system or network.
The implementation of MITRE
Since the emergence of the first real malware about 25 years ago, it became clear that criminals lurk in the expanses of the World Wide Web. Nevertheless, it is no use giving up and surrendering to your fate.
How effective is threat  hunting for organisations?

Threat hunting is the art of finding the unknown in your environment, going beyond traditional detection technologies with active cyber defence activity.

The integration imperative for XDR
Large security vendors with Extended Detection and Response (XDR) offerings position their solution as integrating their own set of products.
Free migrations break the stalemate between inertia and modernisation
Data migrations are a lot like a toothache. You can delay going to the dentist for a while, but eventually, you are going. The desire to postpone data migrations is understandable.
Data Centres and green foundations
The data centre industry continues to grow rapidly as more of our lives become digitally led.
E-KYC in the era of digital crime
Even before COVID-19, the risks of online fraud were being highlighted by industry professionals. Earlier this year Cifas, the UK’s fraud prevention service, reported that in 2019 over 364,000 cases were recorded to its database – the highest ever recorded.
Why CEOs are shifting to business-driven WAN
Every enterprise’s digital transformation journey is different, and as applications migrate to the cloud businesses both large and small are faced with opportunities and challenges.
Steps for responsible AI
A new report published by FICO and Corinium has found the demand for AI, data, and digital tools has soared in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
SD-WAN: as simple or complex as needed

More cost-effective and flexible than legacy router-centric multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) WANs, software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) offers superior responsiveness, enhanced application performance, more robust security, and improved visibility that gives greater reliability and consistency to enable organizations to advance their cloud and digital transformation initiatives.

Implementing a seamless customer experience
As the rise in remote working continues and technology hands customers unprecedented power to dictate the rules in purchasing goods and services, the lines between products, services and customer experience blur.
Getting the most from High Performance Computing
High Performance Computing requires next generation cooling deployment and increased power per rack. Yet, many traditional data centres cannot provide this service.
Case Study - Streamlining AP with YourDMS
With over 300 employees Charlton Athletic football club were looking to achieve maximum efficiency within all areas of its business.  This case study explains how YourDMS helped the club streamline its accounts payable system.
Redesigning jobs in the IT sector

According to new research from international recruitment consultancy, Robert Half UK, one-in-three (29%) of employers are currently redesigning roles in direct response to the impact of the pandemic as they look to build more agile, adaptable workforces moving forward.

Staffing solutions in the IT sector

Over 70% of UK workers are currently reassessing their career options despite COVID-related job insecurity.

Digitalizing European energy trading

When the energy markets first opened-up in the early 1990’s, market participants completed weekly planning and scheduling, using rudimentary forecasting and analysis tools. But now times have changed.

The Modern Bank Heists report
VMware Carbon Black has just published the third edition of its Modern Bank Heists report, which takes an annual pulse of some of the financial industry’s top CISOs and security leaders.
Tech is helping us work from home
The rise of the coronavirus (COVID-19), is continuing to cause headaches for businesses and brands all over the world. 
APIs for Fintechs
Banks can adopt several strategies when working with fintechs. Those most commonly discussed range from programmes to instill an entrepreneurial agile culture within banks, building and engaging extensively with developer communities, and building internal developer capacity.
CIAM for customers with varying levels of experience

Customer identity and access management (CIAM) often gets confused with IAM solutions, however, CIAM solutions are still solving identity access related issues, whereas IAM typically deals with authentication and access within an organization.

How APIs can transform business

As business continues to operate far from its norms, companies are having to get creative in thinking up new ways to operate in a day-to-day world where mobility has been strictly reduced.

Why myopic vision can blindside a business

Responding to changing market conditions as markets rebuild in the aftermath of COVID-19 continues to challenge both IT and business leaders. For IT leaders the need to actively minimize risk when making IT investments continues, whilst for business leaders, financial uncertainty is often cited as the top concern.

Case Study - Solar Insurance Services

The whole process of storing our indexed documents straight into Invu is an integral part of what we do - it’s part of the daily routine," says Solar Insurance.

The benefits of continuous testing
Defined as a software testing methodology, continuous testing involves a process of testing early, often and everywhere, and needs to be on the agenda for every organization.
Building long-term business relationships through BI
In a rapidly evolving retail landscape, businesses are generating data at an alarming pace but it often exists in silos across the business making it difficult to gain an accurate, real-time overview of how the organization is performing.
Builders of digital infrastructure
The continued growth of the global data centre market is being driven by an explosion of cloud and internet services.
Digital currencies

Cryptocurrencies have been in existence for quite some time, the concept being introduced by computer engineer Wei Dai that led to him publishing a paper in 1998 where is discussed “B-money” and the idea of a digital currency which could be sent along a group of untraceable digital pseudonyms.

Expert witness and data breaches

With personal data being easily purchased from the dark web, many criminals are undertaking this data to commit identity theft. In this article the author discusses how the impact of stolen data can become a legal issue in terms of class action lawsuits.

DDos attacks
Nearly every organization is dependent on some form of technology and connectivity, and in a time of crisis, the term ‘IT resilience’ is directly intertwined with the resilience of the business.
Powering remote working
The technology industry has been the enabler of remote working in some way, shape, or form for some time, whether it is required due to personal appointments, childcare or work life balance.
Covid-19 and the move to the cloud
Until recently organizations have historically looked at only new application development and deployment for cloud, taking a ‘cloud first’ approach.
Getting the right IaaS provider
Businesses are now at the stage where their cloud strategy and choice of cloud computing models is vital to their long-term sustainability and profitability.
Defeating business disruption 
Nearly every organization is dependent on some form of technology and connectivity, and in a time of crisis, the term ‘IT resilience’ is directly intertwined with the resilience of the business.
Securing data centre management skills

As data becomes the most valuable asset to businesses and digital transformation thunders on, the role of the CIO has become increasingly business critical.

Why your SD-WAN development is failing

There is an uncomfortable networking truth that is widely known but seldom acknowledged: implementing software-defined (SD-WAN) is difficult.

Apps Get the AI Treatment 

Wherever you look there are new takes on how AI is going to impact business and it can be hard to take on board some of the predictions that are being made.

Monitizing APIs

Application program interfaces or API’s are becoming increasingly popular among businesses.  They are especially useful to application developers who want to generate revenue.  The simplest term to describe “API monetization’s” would be charging for the use of API’s.

Moving applications to the cloud

Often the first step for organizations on the path to cloud adoption is Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service.

Case Study - Mitchell Edwards

By implementing the Invu Document Management System from YourDMS, accountants Mitchell Edwards now have speedy access to all documents giving greater productivity and enhancing client experience.

2020- the year we put more trust in AI 

Business and governments are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) for a variety of reasons including satisfying our desire for faster more personalized services – but how do we build trust in (and into) these systems?

Desktop as a service vs DaaS

Whilst Desktop as a Service is a cloud computing solution hosted by a third party provider, Device as a Service is has fast become the new model for procuring and managing in business.

Case Study - Mitchell Edwards

By implementing the Invu Document Management System from YourDMS, accountants Mitchell Edwards now have speedy access to all documents giving greater productivity and enhancing client experience.

Device as a service

Device as a Service is fast becoming the new model for procuring and managing IT in businesses.

Uncovering links to fraud

Money laundering is on the rise. The faster you can pinpoint questionable behaviours, the faster you can tackle the issue.

IOT and 5G

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing exponentially with some forecasts estimating total number of IoT devices by 2025 to be north of 25 billion devices.

GTP and roaming

Mobile traffic using GPRS Tunnelling Protocol has exploded over the last couple of years, largely due to elimination of international roaming price barriers that previously discouraged subscribers from using the service.

Securing the cloud

Securing the cloud can feel a bit like eating an elephant – and how do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.

Information management challenges to modernization 

We are producing more and more data, which is resulting in an enormous data management headache not only because of the gargantuan volumes, but also the growing complexity and plethora of formats

The Rise and Rise of the Megacity

By 2025, the developing world will be home to 29 megacities as the prospect of better employment and a brighter future continues to lure people from rural outposts to urban centres.

Back to  basics for public sector

Whether or not you believe the old adage that government lags behind the private sector in terms of digital transformation, it must be acknowledged that squeezed public sector budgets make adopting digital technologies on a large scale difficult.

Hitting Your Contract Management Goal

Managing business contracts should be straightforward in today’s digital age, but many CFOs are still hobbled by cumbersome processes that can impact businesses.

Graph technology: AI’s missing link

Graph enhancements to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are changing the landscape of intelligent applications.  Beyond improving accuracy and modeling speed, graph technologies make building AI solutions more accessible.

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In-Memory Computing Summit Europe 2019

In-memory computing (IMC) can enable companies to deliver real-time, massively scalable applications for today’s digital transformation and omnichannel customer experience initiatives.

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The Transformation Challenge of the Invoice Process Exception 

One of the biggest challenges facing business today is the management of invoice exceptions.

Apps Get the AI Treatment 

Wherever you look there are new takes on how AI is going to impact business.

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Analysing the Struggles and Successes of DCIM 

Wherever you look there are new takes on how AI is going to impact business.

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Facing 5G

5G-Ready transport networks continue to evolve into semi-unmapped territory.

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How the digital world is reinventing client relationships

Digitisation is driving unprecedented change and it is changing the rules of client engagement. 

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