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Sample Papers Archive 02

Financial services firms must address soft skills
Cultivating soft skills can help financial services firms overcome internal and external challenges to win in today's changing market.


Optimizing resources
Back in 2010, HMRC recommended the use of technology and ‘work blending’ as a way of optimizing resources in the front and back office, but nearly a decade later and little has changed.


Tax Benefits of Leasing IT Equipment

Leasing makes accessing the latest IT equipment simple and affordable, allowing businesses to retain their cash flow for other business needs.


A workplace revolution

The new digital workplace is thriving and the industry is reaping the benefits that come from collaborative working.


AI in life sciences

For all the talk of the need to improve organizational agility, the pharmaceutical industry hasn’t found this easy because there are so many practical barriers in the way.


How Flexible is B2B Computer Leasing?

Many businesses are turning to leasing to keep IT hardware up-to-date.

State of Social Report 2019

The State of Social is an annual report focuses on the world of social media marketing for the year ahead.

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State of Mobile Report 2019

The trend toward mobile is set to have massive ramifications for every industry. 

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Friction-free digital finance

A drought of financial resources and poor cash flow can seriously threaten the survival of any businesss.

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Self-encryption deception

Recently, protection of sensitive information has received increased attention. 

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The growing threat of information sharing 

There has been considerable talk in recent years about the importance of cybersecurity information sharing. 

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How to Become a resilient IT organisation

With reliance on technology has increasing, so has the expectation that it is always available. 

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Adopting Encryption

Businesses have to be more vigilant than ever when it comes to protecting confidential data.  

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Finance Management Apps for Banking’s New Generation

The advent of open banking has prompted new market entrants, offering money management apps that put customers in control, and how this competitive threat has given traditional banks the impetus to develop their own solutions..  

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Cybersecurity in CSR programmes

With reliance on technology has increasing, so has the expectation that it is always available. 

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AI in debt collection

AI making its way into all parts of our business and private lives.  The debt collection sector is no exception. More ...

The digital courtroom

For centuries, court cases have been conducted with reference to extensive bundles of documents for every case.

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Insider Threats

There are many threats to enterprise cyber security with most coming from external threat factors.

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Five Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Colocation Partner

The colocation market is growing as the corporate world continues its digital transformation and companies outsource their massive data-storage needs to data centres.

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Seven decisions optimization can improve for telecommunications firms

​Like most markets with explosive growth, it comes with both challenges and opportunities, as well as a need to respond to more sophisticated and changing consumer preferences and ongoing regulatory shifts.

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Software licencing

​​Software licensing is a complicated topic, but knowing a little about software licensing can help you make sense of all the fine print.

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Intent based analytics

The main challenge facing people running compute/network/storage infrastructure today is composition.

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​​Big data, big centre

​The digital universe is growing 40% a year into the next decade, expanding to include not only the increasing number of people and enterprises doing everything online, but also all the “things” – smart devices – connected to the Internet

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Six ways an app saves time 

The smartphone is a mere decade old, and yet with every year it has become ever more integral to people’s lives.

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App economy set to evolve

It’s hard to believe that 2018 will mark the 10-year anniversary for both the Apple App Store and Android Market.

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Missed opportunities for shared services centres

Compared to traditional approaches to organizing and carrying out important backoffice functions, the modern shared services centre is rightly regarded as a significant step forward.

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