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ZScaler uses renewable energy

Superior green security capabilities are now possible with cloud security leader, Zscaler ( announcing that it has achieved 100% renewable energy through a combination of directly purchased renewable energy and renewable energy credits (RECs) for its offices and 150+ data centres that run the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange.

Taking a methodical approach to addressing its environmental impact, Zscaler has built its cloud security platform in more than 150 data centres across the world – strategically placed where customers are located – with many already operating on 100% renewable energy.  While 78% of the energy used to process over 190 billion security transactions per day was from renewable sources as of October 2021, there was still room to improve.  Zscaler took the next step to achieve 100% renewable energy by purchasing high-quality RECs from projects such as wind and solar farms.  These RECs match the projected non-renewable energy used by Zscaler’s offices and data centres globally for calendar year 2021.  

Each year, Zscaler intends to procure 100% renewable energy for its global offices and data centres for the benefit of its customers.  Acknowledging that this is a journey, Zscaler’s ESG program is quantifying its broader carbon footprint, including other Scope 3 emissions, and developing a path to net zero greenhouse gas emissions.
“Having technology partners with compatible cultures and values is always beneficial,” says Mark Ferguson, CISO, Bombardier, the Montreal, Quebec-based global leader in business aviation.  “Zscaler’s commitment to using 100% renewable energy in its operations aligns with our ESG goals and priorities of improving our cybersecurity and driving positive environmental impact by reducing our security appliances.  We are taking large steps to meet our long term environmental goals, including dedicating over 50% of our R&D investments towards designing and producing greener aircrafts.”
“We are passionate about creating meaningful change for our customers and our planet,” says Amit Sinha, President and CTO and member of the board, Zscaler, Inc.  “Zscaler has a long track record of driving technology innovation via the cloud which now uses 100% renewable energy.  With the steps that we took today, Zscaler supports our customers’ goals of adopting zero trust security and eliminating the carbon emissions associated with the energy used for their security program.  We will continue to enhance the efficiency of our architecture and infrastructure to do our part in addressing climate change.”

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