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Wyld monitors social distancing

A new mobile mesh networking technology and content delivery platform has been developed by Wyld Networks ( for businesses looking for innovative ways to generate much needed new revenue streams, operate more efficiently, get back to work safely and monitor social distancing practices.

Called Wyld Mesh and Fusion, the solution harnesses the power of peoples’ mobile devices without relying on connections to cellular or Wi-Fi networks.  Data finds the quickest and easiest route by hopping from smartphone to smartphone or IoT device to deliver notifications and rich multimedia content quickly and reliably.
“By connecting smartphones directly together as well as IoT devices in a mesh network, we have created a new low-cost additional layer of robust wireless connectivity,” says Alastair Williamson, CEO of Wyld Networks, a portfolio company of Tern plc.  “Leveraging the resilient nature of the mesh network, our content delivery platform and accurate location capabilities, our solution has far ranging applications in multiple sectors.”
Wyld Mesh and Fusion have been designed for consumer and enterprise networks at major sporting events, retail, music festivals and across transport hubs.  The technology enables the delivery of relevant content and location-aware marketing in real-time to enhance the customer experience, generate additional revenues and improve customer loyalty and engagement.
For businesses wanting to return to work safely, the innovative technology can also be used to create virtual geozones to manage access to sites, buildings and restricted areas and deliver location-aware messaging and safety information.  

Social distancing monitoring can be implemented by creating personal one or two metre dynamic geozones around individual staff, visitors and customers.  This provides an accurate picture of how social distancing is being practiced, allowing for better planning of building layouts, room occupancy and workflow schedules.

Subject to corporate policy and privacy, employers would also have the ability to quickly alert others who have been in close contact with anyone tested positive for COVID-19.

Wyld is already working with NHS Highlands and Highland Health Ventures to deploy the technology in care homes.
A demo of Wyld Mesh and Fusion can be seen at 

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