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WSO2 for startups

Digital transformation leader, WSO2 ( launches ‘WSO2 for Startups’ a global startup accelerator programme that will give startup candidates free access to WSO2 cloud services for 12 months, as well as access to WSO2 subject matter experts to help early-stage companies in the development of innovative mobile or web application solutions.

The chosen startups will have access to software such as WSO2 Choreo, a SaaS application development suite with AI tools, and WSO2 Asgardeo, a client identity and access management (CIAM) solution for security management, alongside support from a senior architect and the WSO2 client success team.  Candidates will also receive USD 2100 every month for the initial three months to cover their running costs.
According to, the UK is the reference point for Europe’s tech landscape and tops virtually every chart and metric in the region. In 2022, its 48 unicorns and 40,000 startups got the most funding, closed the most deals and realised more exits than any other country in Europe and is an increasingly mature tech space.
“There is a thriving tech start-up community here in the UK and we believe that this is an excellent way to incentivise the development of innovative business projects enabling startups to fully explore the open source tools that we offer to the market,” says Ricardo Diniz, VP and General Manager for EMEA, WSO2.  “We are not only providing them access to Choreo and Asgardeo, but also Ballerina, our programming language.  We think that there are many startups that will benefit from the WSO2 ecosystem in a quick and objective way.”

In order to be considered eligible, the startups must have been operating for at least two years, have less than USD 10 million in financing and less than USD 1 million in ARR.  More information can be found at 

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