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WSO2 enhances CIAM with IDaaS
With the need for enterprises to create a holistic view of each customer that extends across their business systems in order to drive rich, secure and personalized digital experiences, WSO2 ( delivers on the promise of this next-level customer identity and access management (CIAM) with its latest release of the Asgardeo identity as a service (IDaaS), which adds integration to Choreo, WSO2’s digital platform as a service (digital PaaS).

“Increasingly, enterprises that have successfully used CIAM to build trusted relationships with consumers now seek to make CIAM a cornerstone for delivering rich, personalized experiences to all customers,” explains Geethika Cooray, Vice President and General Manager of Identity and Access Management, WSO2.

Through the integration of Asgardeo with Choreo developers can build personalized and secure customer experiences within hours by integrating multiple services or applications where users’ business profiles and interaction data are managed and exposing that data as APIs for the application as well as for the login and registration flows served by Asgardeo.

In addition, when a customer registers, logs in or updates their user profile, Asgardeo sends pre- and post-event flows to Choreo, where a developer can easily integrate various business services and applications to propagate those state changes or initiate an action.  For example, if a user updates their consent preferences to opt-in to marketing emails, Asgardeo notifies Choreo, which will then update relevant marketing systems to include the customer in email nurture campaigns.  A developer can also update the user profile, account status, security settings and risk factors in Asgardeo based on the user interactions happening in various other services.

Both Asgardeo and Choreo abstract away the complexity of Kubernetes, so development teams can focus on the business logic of the digital experiences they are delivering.  This aligns with the priorities of enterprises surveyed for recent research undertaken by WSO2 in the United Kingdom and Ireland (UK&I).  Among respondents surveyed, 76% state that developers at their organization could be more productive if they didn’t have to spend so much time dealing with IAM and CIAM issues.  The study points to a growing adoption of software as a service (SaaS) to free often-understaffed development teams from managing the underlying infrastructure so they can focus on innovating new digital services and applications that deliver business value.

“Together, Asgardeo and Choreo cloud solutions enable enterprises to go beyond access management and authentication to integrate customers’ identities into every business system and build rich personality profiles of users in order to personalize each customer’s experience,” says Cooray.

As organizations expand their online presence, they are exploring new ways to ensure a secure, frictionless customer experience (CX)—whether reaching these customers via B2C or B2B models.  The new release of Asgardeo builds on its extensive B2C functionality by adding a new B2B organization management feature that provides robust support for B2B scenarios.
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