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Nuix now on CCS G-Cloud

As organizations expand their online presence, they are exploring new ways to reach more customers through innovative partnerships.  This is raising the stakes for enterprises to ensure a secure, frictionless customer experience (CX) – whether reaching these customers via business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B), or business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) models.  To address these demands, WSO2 ( releases WSO2 Identity Server 6.0 by extending its customer identity and access management (CIAM) functionality beyond B2C to offer the industry’s most extensive CIAM support for B2B and B2B2C scenarios.

Each year, WSO2 Identity Server manages more than 1 billion identities.  Version 6.0 introduces a new B2B organization management feature to enable organizations to create multiple CIAM tenants in B2B organizational hierarchies, and lets administrators of each tenant configure their own policies and processes.

In addition, this latest release adds integration with third-party analytics tools, integration with TypingDNA for authentication-based on typing biometrics, multi-attribute log-in support to give users more sign-in options, and device flow support to bring CIAM to a broader range of devices.

Recent research undertaken by WSO2 in the UK&I examined how organizations are using CIAM platforms to deliver a more personalized experience.  It found that 80% of respondents are using or planning to use a single platform for both employees, partners, and suppliers as well as their customers.  This suggests that existing IAM platforms are being repurposed for CIAM needs; an approach that can quickly prove frustrating given that these platform types are not like-for-like.  This can often lead to challenges such as limited scalability and extensibility as well as compromising on critical CIAM needs, which is why 95% of those surveyed indicated that they are experiencing challenges with CIAM.

“More than a quarter of our CIAM customer base has started using WSO2 Identity Server for B2B, which gave us valuable real-world insights into how to support enterprises’ increasingly sophisticated market requirements with Version 6.0,” says Geethika Cooray, Vice President and Head of Identity and Access Management, WSO2.  “WSO2 Identity Server 6.0 delivers on the B2B demands of these customers, enabling them to leverage partners to scale business models, broaden their market reach, and speed time to market – all while easily adapting their CX for distinct audiences to optimize user engagement.”

“Organizations are struggling with their current platforms predominantly because they are being repurposed for CIAM which is not what they were built for,” adds Ricardo Diniz, Vice President and General Manager for UK&I and Southern Europe.  “Companies will realize much greater business benefits if they use either a true CIAM platform or one that takes a CIAM-first approach like WSO2 Identity Server.”

“The needs of partners are somewhat distinct from consumers but equally important to the success of organizations already down the road in their digital transformation journeys,” commentsJay Bretzmann, Vice President of Identity Research, IDC.  “Built with ears to the development ground, WSO2 Identity Server 6.0 should help organizations delight partners in the same way it has enriched consumer user experiences, going beyond simple access to provide greater management capabilities and automation options.”

WSO2 Identity Server 6.0 adds several features aimed at enhancing the experiences of enterprises and their customers, including greater analytics functionality for enterprise users with pre-configured integration with Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana (ELK) based analytics, and typing biometric authentication via TypingDNA to offer customers seamless, user-friendly, risk-based authentication (RBA) that enhances security and fraud detection.

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