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VDC relies on Infinidat
Managed cloud hosting provider, Virtual Data Corp (VDC) has been using the InfiniBox® platform from Infinidat ( to give 100% storage uptime, and has recently expanded its data storage capacity with InfiniBox beyond a petabyte to flexibly leverage storage as needed in support of the company’s growth strategy.
“We realized that, if we wanted to truly grow to the next level, we needed substantially more storage capability.  We had requirements for speed and availability to access the storage as we need it and at a price that is simple to understand,” says Cole Thompson, President & CEO of VDC.  “With the InfiniBox solution, we get the speed and high performance but at a significantly lower cost.”  
“The explosion of data usage among the customers of VDC and other managed service providers has created a significant need to scale data storage capacity while maintaining favorable economics, which our InfiniBox on-premises solution delivers,” added Steve Sullivan, EVP of Sales, North America at Infinidat.

“Treating our customers more as a partner, our service and support team has monthly calls with VDC to help our customer fully maximize the capabilities of our InfiniBox platform.  The flexibility, predictability, lower total cost of ownership and ease of use that VDC has gained are what all our customers have come to expect from Infinidat.”
When VDC was first evaluating various storage suppliers, the company wanted to sell large amounts of storage space, so it needed to ensure differentiation and deliver a better value than the competition. VDC was inc reasingly open to a disruptive technology for data storage that is critical for its business. The high performance, resilience, reliability, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and 100% availability of the Infinidat storage platform not only met the requirements but also exceeded expectations.  
“With Infinidat’s assistance, we were able to consolidate five or six other SANs into a single SAN.  Instead of managing multiple, separate other SANs and managing firmware upgrades, we got everything upgraded to InfiniBox, which makes the administration much simpler and resulted in substantial cost savings,” explains Thompson.

“We also love how Infinidat allows you to pay as you grow.  For us, we really like the idea of being able to buy the entire box and leverage storage as required, while having the predictability of knowing exactly what our budget was.”
VDC has benefitted from the broad range of integrations and capabilities that Infinidat’s primary storage platform has with VMware and Veeam, including disaster recovery (DR) solutions and speed to support cloud hosting solutions. 
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