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Unified CNAPP for Aqua Security

Pure-play cloud native security leader Aqua Security ( introduces an industry-first with its cloud native security platform with a unified console to ease the journey from scanning and visibility to workload protection in cloud native environments.  The Aqua platform reduces administrative burden and allows security teams to start with scanning and cloud security posture management (CSPM) capabilities, then add in sandboxing capabilities and workload protection as needed.  The experience is streamlined regardless of scale and is available as a SaaS or self-hosted deployment.

“Scaling our cloud native security needs is a priority for us,” says Thomas Ornell, Senior Systems Engineer, ABAX.  “We have been working with Aqua to secure our cloud based Kubernetes environments and improve visibility of our current risk.  The tooling provided by Aqua is making it a lot easier to navigate our way through our cloud native security strategy.”

“In the past year, Aqua has seen a 3x increase in CSPM customers who have also purchased Aqua's CWPP capabilities,” comments Amir Jerbi, co-founder and CTO, Aqua Security.  “Organisations recognize the need to protect workloads at runtime, and Aqua is keeping pace with that demand bringing more unification without compromising scalability.  While other solutions require multiple screens and consoles, or just provide visibility without options for workload protection, Aqua offers the industry’s only comprehensive unified platform.”

The unified approach lowers management overhead for advanced runtime features in an industry where scanning during development and CSPM are easier for teams to understand and deploy as a first step, but critical Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) capabilities are sometimes left behind.  It also enables customers to benefit from better context and prioritization in identifying risks and threats, adopting a full-lifecycle approach to securing cloud native applications.  

In a recent report, Gartner notes that “CNAPP is an emerging capability that brings together cloud security tools, including CWPP and CSPM.  CNAPP tools will integrate information from both CWPP and CSPM to provide more detailed insights into security behaviours in CIPS (cloud infrastructure and platform services) deployments.”
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