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The year of digital

The pandemic has provided a catalyst for change, says document management experts, YourDMS ( in its latest blog (, and has shown just how important digital is to business to pivot, adapt and find new ways to keep going when everything we knew changed.

Some organisations have accelerated the implementation of new digital solutions, technology, and services, whilst others have added to those already in place, allowing them to thrive, grow, future proof, collaborate, reduce costs and offer a fantastic customer experience across multiple channels.  

In ‘the year of digital’ embracing technology is key.  As solutions become more accessible via cloud and SaaS, embracing digital helps to level the playing field.  It’s no longer just for big businesses with big budgets – SMEs can find it easier to implement, becoming more agile and proactive, as they have fewer people involved in the decision making.

Real-time decision making and advanced software such as Business Intelligence (BI) ( and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help companies of all sizes to spot trends and patterns, and predict behaviours to enhance decision-making, forecasting and planning, and inform strategy.

But it's not all about the software – it's about the people as well.  The full blog explains more
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