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The Log Inn research report

Many organizations claim to be ‘customer-centric’, or even ‘customer-obsessed’, striving to offer technologies that their users demand.  However, this doesn’t always ring true when it comes to the most basic customer interaction – the log in process.  Expectation is not meeting reality for customers frustrated with lengthy or cumbersome logins, especially those that lean too heavily on passwords.  To illustrate this, Auth0 ( releases findings of a global survey, suggesting that organizations worldwide continue to miss the mark when it comes to giving users the login experience they want.

The Auth0 study, conducted by YouGov from February to August 2021, surveys more than 17,000 organizations and consumers across 12 countries, and finds that consumer expectations for their login experiences are falling short of expectations with serious impacts for business.   In particular, consumers are more likely to sign up for an application or online service if they are able to log in with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) (49%), Single Sign-On (SSO) (48%), biometrics (44%), social login (40%), or passwordless (35%) authentication options.  However, only 47% of companies offer SSO, 35% social login, 29% MFA, 25% biometrics, and 20% passwordless.  Whilst, one in ten companies (8%) doesn’t offer any of these login options at all.

Almost half (48%) of consumers say they are frustrated by having to fill in long login or sign-up forms, and 83% have abandoned their cart or sign-up attempt entirely due to an arduous login process.

Auth0 full report can be found at
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