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Technology and HR

Modern technology isn’t just a catalyst, if anything, it places more emphasis on the human skills that successful HR professionals have always been valued for – their complex problem-solving skills, creativity, relationship building and learning flexibility.

But with HR technology, the HR professional can contribute meaningfully to business decisions and direction, offering advice and suggestions based on sound insights.

As a result, HR needs to develop its data skills, so clean, reliable data can drive consultation, recommendation and decision-making”, says HR and payroll software specialists, XCD (

“It needs to understand how people analytics apply to business performance, and appreciate the subtleties involved in asking the right questions and drawing inferences from the answers.”

At the same time, HR needs to employ systems that streamline the tactical, administrative processes inherent in people management, ensuring employees can engage with their systems with a minimum of friction.”

“In a sense, the value of digitization isn’t in the technology, but what HR teams choose to do with it,” says XCD.  “How they act on the real-time information and feedback they receive.  How they capitalize on the responsibility and autonomy it affords their employees, and what they do with the time it saves them.”

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