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TBWA Worldwide moves to Nuxeo Cloud
International advertising agency, TBWA\Worldwide ( transitioned its advertising management platform to the Nuxeo Cloud (

“As part of our company’s cloud strategy, we’ve been given a ‘cloud-first’ mandate with a focus on availability and scalability, and Nuxeo is a key part of how we support this strategy,” says Stefan Born, Business Solutions Director at TBWA\Worldwide. “With Nuxeo, we can very easily connect to and migrate content from our other cloud systems.”

“We had limited internal IT resources to devote to this project, and the Nuxeo team worked closely with us to configure the platform to meet our very specific and complex needs,” adds Born. “Moving to Nuxeo Cloud means we no longer have to verify many of our development and production processes, which enables us to be more efficient from an infrastructure QA standpoint.  Plus, we know we’ll always be current and up-to-date since new features and capabilities are automatically rolled out.

“The Nuxeo implementation at TBWA\Worldwide is another example of a global enterprise leveraging our low-code platform to create a content-driven solution to meet their very specific needs, while also benefiting from the flexibility of deploying in a SaaS environment,” says Eric Barroca, CEO, Nuxeo.  “By transitioning to the Nuxeo Cloud, TBWA\Worldwide can continue to effectively manage media assets across its worldwide network of clients and partners, while also providing the elasticity and configurability they will require as their needs evolve.”

TBWA\Worldwide initially selected Nuxeo as the core component of its modern advertising work management platform. The company’s goal was to better support clients by automating common work processes. TBWA is also exploring other opportunities to leverage the platform as a centralized content hub across its global operations. 
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