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Sustainable networking given boost

Network management expert, Men&Mice ( announces that Micetro 10.1, the latest version of its unified DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (DDI) orchestration software, aims to establish sustainable networking best practices in diverse and heterogeneous global enterprise networks with remodelled access management, improved DDI functionality and features, and open-source documentation for the DDI community.

“Micetro 10.1 is a strong continuation on our path to unlocking sustainable networks for our customers,” says Magnus Bjornsson, CEO, Men&Mice.  “Building on the foundation of 10.0, we’ve been improving our feature set for enterprise network operators to help them navigate an ever-changing technology landscape.  Refining our core strengths and adapting to the changed needs of our customers is an ongoing priority.  We built Micetro 10.1 to serve that priority.”  

Micetro 10.1 arrives with a new role-based access model that correlates with the needs of enterprise network environments in 2021.  The access management in Micetro 10.1 simplifies permissions and their configuration, distilling the company’s three decades of experience into a modern solution.  Built-in roles are designed to cover the majority of network access needs, with functionality to support less common use cases as well.

“The new access management model will significantly improve usability and oversight, and therefore, the quality of life for our customers,” adds Sigfus Magnusson, CTO, Men&Mice.  “Modern, diverse networks that are managed with often globally distributed teams need a reliable, intuitive, and secure method to control access to tens of thousands of network assets.  Micetro’s new access controls streamline this traditionally byzantine area of management.”  

Full details of Micetro 10.1 can be found at
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