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Stronger together at Infosec

The theme for next year’s Infosecurity Europe conference ( on 21-23 June 2022 at ExCel London will be ‘Stronger Together’, and will build on this year’s theme of resilience.

Focusing on the need for cybersecurity professionals to drastically increase cooperation and collaboration in order to keep our society safe and secure, topics under discussion will include: tackling the risk of insider threats and sophisticated malware attacks; securing critical industrial control environments; building a strong security-awareness culture; crisis leadership and threat intelligence excellence; mitigating the risks of a remote workforce; enhancing the incident response strategy to minimize reputational risks; and diversity and inclusion in the information and cybersecurity workforce.

“Cybersecurity threats are not only a risk to businesses and to public bodies – they have the potential to endanger and weaken society as a whole,” says Nicole Mills, Exhibition Director, Infosecurity Group.  “The resources and expertise needed to counter these threats already exist within our industry, governments, and law enforcement agencies.  By collaborating strategically on a global basis, we can strengthen our defence and our response, and protect our shared future.”

Additional sessions at next year’s event will include Keynote speakers from the sharp end of the industry who are tackling major information security challenges every day; the Leaders Programme ( a networking programme designed for senior decision-makers, with daily roundtable discussions covering topics such as AI Governance and Bias, Incident and Crisis Management and The Journey to Vendor Governance; and in-depth, interactive, practical learning-orientated Security Workshop sessions which will enable attendees to develop their skills while networking with peers.

Full details about the exhibition and conference programme will be available on the Infosecurity Europe website ( in the coming months. 

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