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Semperis partners Veritas

Under the latest partnership between identity-driven cyber resilience pioneer, Semperis ( and secure multi-cloud data management leader Veritas Technologies enterprises will have access to a comprehensive solution that combines Semperis Active Directory Forest Recovery (ADFR) and Veritas NetBackup to help guard against, and recover from, cyberattacks on Microsoft Active Directory (AD) systems.
“Across all verticals, organizations have an urgent need for robust AD security and recovery solutions.  Our solution integration with Semperis helps customers minimize cyber recovery time following an AD attack and guard against follow-on attacks by eliminating backdoors and other vulnerabilities left behind in the AD environment,” explains Matt Waxman, SVP, GM, Data Protection, Veritas. “By bringing together the strengths of both companies, we can offer organizations a comprehensive, layered defence strategy against a broad spectrum of cyber threats.”

“Semperis is on a mission to be a force for good in the fight against ransomware gangs and other bad actors,” says Darren Mar-Elia, Vice President of Products, Semperis.  “We’re constantly innovating to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive protection for hybrid identity environments, and Active Directory forest recovery is a critical component of our layered defence approach.  Partnering with data protection and backup leaders like Veritas means our joint customers benefit from integrated and holistic ransomware response capabilities across multiple specialties.”

The Semperis-Veritas collaboration coincides with the launch of Veritas 360 Defense, an extensible framework that integrates cyber resiliency solutions from Veritas with a broad ecosystem of solutions from leading security vendors, including Semperis.  Veritas 360 Defense unites data security, data protection, and data governance, guiding organisations through an approach that spans the gamut of the cyber resiliency lifecycle from heterogeneous asset inventory to extensible orchestrated recovery.

“Veritas and Semperis are industry leaders in data protection and AD security and recovery, respectively,” adds Mar-Elia.  “This collaboration leverages the strengths of both companies to provide thousands of organizations unmatched AD resilience.  Our AD backup and recovery solution will help Veritas’ customers not only recover from AD attacks faster but also ensure that any lingering vulnerabilities are eradicated from the environment.”

Microsoft AD, the primary identity system and backbone of IT operations for 90% of organizations, is a common target for ransomware operators and other attackers.  Disruptions to AD services lead to significant downtime and organizational losses, making AD protection a top security priority. The most destructive cyberattack to date, NotPetya, wrought $10 billion in total damages, according to White House officials.  Like many high-profile companies impacted by NotPetya, the world’s largest shipping firm, Maersk, spent over a week ( manually recovering its AD.
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