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SAP to acquire Taulia

To give companies better access to liquidity and improve their cash flows, SAP is acquiring a majority stake in Taulia (, the fintech working capital management solutions provider.   The acquisition further expands SAP’s Business Network and strengthens SAP’s solutions for the CFO office.  Taulia will operate as an independent company with its own brand in the SAP Group; and Cédric Bru will remain CEO of Taulia, with SAP’s CFO Luka Mucic becoming Chairman of the Board.

“Taulia strengthens our portfolio and adds value to a point that is key to every company: financial flexibility and stability. With that, they contribute to making supply chains more resilient,” says SAP’s CFO Luka Mucic.  “By combining the deep working capital management expertise of Taulia with SAP’s broad CFO solution portfolio and the integration into our core business software and Business Network solutions, we are well positioned to become a leader in working capital management. We will offer these capabilities at scale to help businesses improve their financial position and seize growth opportunities.”

“I am delighted by our combination with SAP and its ecosystem to serve more businesses and contribute to SAP’s vision,” adds Cédric Bru, CEO, Taulia.  “Cash is the oxygen businesses need to breathe during challenging economic cycles and growth sprints.  Coming together with SAP will help accelerate Taulia’s mission of helping businesses thrive by unlocking liquidity trapped in supply chains.”

While SAP is acquiring a controlling majority of Taulia, J.P. Morgan’s relationship with Taulia remains unchanged, and the bank will continue to operate their strategic alliance as well as maintain its equity stake in fintech.

“This news is very exciting for both Taulia, our successful strategic alliance partner, and SAP as the new majority owner,” comments Stuart Roberts, Global Head of Trade & Working Capital, J.P. Morgan.  “With SAP, we expect the strategic alliance between J.P. Morgan and Taulia will unlock new opportunities for us to serve our clients, and to inject and redeploy liquidity to suppliers as the world continues to manage impacts from the pandemic on the global supply chain.”

The move also benefits the SAP ecosystem: As suppliers, SAP customers can improve their liquidity through early payment options with predictable off-balance sheet funding.  As buyers, they can make full use of payment terms while strengthening their relationship with suppliers.  Funders, such as banks, can pursue attractive investment opportunities in short-term financing of large credit-worthy businesses.  SAP intends to embed a growing range of financial services for banks and insurance companies into its solutions and platforms. SAP’s strong partner ecosystem, particularly SAP Fioneer will play a key role in these offerings.

SAP will strengthen the integration with Taulia, both for the SAP Business Network and the CFO solution suite, to become the core of SAP’s working capital management portfolio.  Taulia’s solutions will also continue to be available standalone so that non-SAP customers can continue to benefit from Taulia’s portfolio as they do today.

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