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SACEM develops API using WSO2

The Society of Authors, Composers, and Publishers of Music (SACEM) is now using WSO2’s ( API Manager to distribute music from over 180,000 creators.

Used by SACEM both internally and for members, clients, and partners, WSO2 API manager is a critical component in consistently delivering new functionality that enables SACEM members to share their work by broadcasting live content online.  WSO2 now handles over 5 million API calls per month for SACEM, with streams processed from over 160,000 creators.  A specialised WSO2 API integration and management team also helps with the efficient publication and consumption of APIs.
“The music industry was severely impacted by the COVID pandemic, which led to the mass cancellation of live events,” says Ricardo Diniz, vice president and general manager, UKI and Southern Europe, WSO2. “SACEM has established an exceptional supplemental royalties distribution specifically geared to broadcast live streams to assist members in continuing to share their work and broadcast concerts or DJ sets online.  We are proud to have quickly created and deployed the critical APIs to allow members to do so.”

“We were impressed by WSO2’s solutions and approach in helping us deliver a platform that is highly available and has enabled us to innovate and create reusable services to better support our members,” adds Johan Brelet, Head of Exchanges and Software Engineering – DSI Digital Strategy & Innovation, SACEM.  “During the COVID pandemic, we were able to help our members switch from live events to streaming online, thanks to WSO2.   I am excited to see how we can continue to develop this relationship.”

WSO2 API Manager was implemented in three stages, beginning with a small-scale pilot to handle APIs used by the online site and mobile apps.  Its application was then expanded to include on-premises and business-to-business (B2B) integrations, and in the third stage, SACEM made it available on the public cloud.
As a component of SACEM’s platform, WSO2 API Manager is made directly accessible to customers via the developer portal and is used in conjunction with a message broker and an integration platform as a service (IPaaS) solution.  SACEM's legacy APIs are published on WSO2 gateways, allowing the company to better track and monitor applications.

SACEM has successfully deployed different versions of the product on multiple sites, utilizing a variety of deployment models.  Moving forward, SACEM aims to standardize deployments and make Docker images more widely available on Kubernetes clusters
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