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Rhythmworld breaks record

Virtual events are all the rage, but few achieve a 300% increase in attendance, but that is just was RhythmWorld ( achieved this year.

Created by Logrhythm (, the 2020 RhythmWorld Security Conference went virtual providing customers, partners and peers with the opportunity to engage in discussion around key topics related to the cybersecurity industry, career growth and maximizing use of the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform.

LogRhythm began its RhythmWorld conference series in 2017 to enable its attendees to engage in real-time peer-to-peer learning.  But with 2020, the event evolved in two important ways.  First, LogRhythm opened up the event from what used to be strictly a user conference into a broader event with relevance to the security industry at large.

Second, LogRhythm adapted its traditionally in-person event to a completely online experience to maintain the safety and security of its attendees.  While some virtual events often lack the type of engagement attendees enjoy from in-person events, LogRhythm focused on making this year’s conference as accessible and engaging as possible, offering 46 live sessions around the clock to provide opportunities for participation and connection globally – all at no cost.

The result was a record-breaking event, with over 1,700 global attendees from 28 different industries actively attending the conference, including notable representation from the education sector.  This sector has been particularly hard hit by multiple challenges addressed during the conference, including the fight against ransomware, digital transformation and evolving cybersecurity talent.

Seth Shestack, Deputy CISO of Temple University, spoke to how he has addressed this last challenge during a joint keynote with LogRhythm CEO, Mark Logan.  Specifically, Shestack explained how he has applied what he has learned from mentors to enable his own team to grow, noting that the lessons he took away from one mentor were not very technical.  He shared, “One of the things he taught me was I have to slow down and teach people.”

This theme of sharing knowledge to enable individual career growth was particularly present throughout the conference.  Attendees had access to LogRhythm experts who ran deep-dive discussions, comprehensive trainings, industry-specific chats, and a capture the flag event.

Top-attended sessions from the event included “The Modern and Evolving Security Leader: Security Executive Panel” and “Women in Security Power Panel,” during which LogRhythm executives, customers and industry peers discussed the skills aspiring CISOs need to address the new requirements of the position and how to inspire and support women to build a career in cybersecurity, respectively.

“While the format of RhythmWorld may have been different than in years past, our aspirations for the event stayed the same: to celebrate our peers’ successes, help them act on opportunities for growth, and engage in meaningful discussion around how we can evolve both our careers and the industry,” says Cindy Zhou, CMO of LogRhythm.  “This requires a willingness to share with others, and I’m thrilled with just how many customers and colleagues were open to sharing their experiences and knowledge purely to encourage the growth of others.”

On-demand sessions from the event, including the previously-mentioned keynote and panels, are available for viewing at


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