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Rephine merges with Forum Auditorias and TDV

GMP auditors specializing in pharmaceutical supply chain quality assurance, Rephine ( is merging with Forum Auditorias ( and its technology and manufacturing supply chain compliance consultancy TDV (, to create a clear market leader in global GMP audit services.

The combined organisation will create an audit report library of over 750 valid GMP reports spanning more than 2,500 products; around 100 full-time employees; and coverage of 100+ countries, encompassing all major manufacturing locations.

“By combining the two best organizations in this sector, we are creating the clear market leader in our niche – in terms of the scope of services we offer clients, our international reach across manufacturing supply chains, and in the number of valid, high-quality reports available for clients to purchase from our audit report library, which will be the largest in the industry,” says Adam Sherlock, CEO of the combined group.  “This will make a big difference to clients, who want to be able to manage an increasingly complex supply chain without having to manage numerous different suppliers.”

“We are delighted to be able to share a very bright future together with Rephine.  The synergy between our organizations is very strong.  We share the same reputation for quality, our cultures are highly compatible, and our strategic visions are tightly aligned,” says Octavi Colomina, CEO and founder, TDV.  “Our respective clients will feel the benefits greatly, both through a streamlined, simplified engagement and via access to a bigger library and more extensive resources.  Put simply, our combined service along with our digital platform capability will take the friction out of supply chain management.”

The consolidated organization will operate from three primary locations – Stevenage in the UK, Barcelona in Spain, and Shanghai in China.  The senior executives from both the Spanish business and the Shanghai location will join the extended Rephine group leadership team.  Following the merger, Octavi from TDV will step back into an advisory role.  The Rephine Group will continue to look for additional strategic opportunities to further expand its global presence and services offering.
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