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Rahi Systems and Infinidat partner


A strategic partnership between global IT solutions provider, Rahi Systems ( and data storage specialists, Infinidat ( will offer high-end enterprises access to a range of innovative data storage ‘Pay-As-You-Grow’ pricing models.

The model works in a simplistic yet very effective way.  For example, if an enterprise requires 300 terabytes of storage, Infinidat and Rahi Systems will actually deploy 1 petabyte on-premises but the customer will only pay for the 300TB they need – Capacity on Demand (COD).  

Based on the growth of the organization’s storage requirements, the billing levels can then be adapted accordingly.  This not only makes accurate forecasting possible, but it also delivers the additional benefit to a business of being able to future proof its data storage demands.  This means that organizations can then access and draw down increased capacity as they need it.

“A vital part of exploring the market with new technology partners is ascertaining what’s going to be demanded in the longer term, so we can imagine how the next generation of use cases, applications, and platforms will need to be supported and work to bring those solutions to market now,” says Lee Bushnell, Channel Manager UK&I at Infinidat.  

“Our decision to partner with Rahi Systems, was clear as the company is recognized as a leader in the data centre world. The Rahi Systems ecosystem focuses on responsiveness, which is of paramount importance to Infinidat when customers or partners are actively piloting or deploying our systems.”
“Our customers rely on us to improve their quality of service and reduce OpEx costs,” adds Neil Garnett, Sales Director, at Rahi Systems.  “Infinidat’s storage solution, as well as delivering leading edge data storage capabilities, also means less energy is consumed, operational resources are reduced, and maintenance levels are minimal. This ultimately assists us in ensuring that we are enabling our clients to reach their business goals.  We look for partners who are disruptive and who develop new and innovative solutions. The reasons for engaging with Infinidat, for the storage environment, were obvious.”

The partnership will allow both companies to confidently deliver a strong and compelling combination of Infinidat’s high-end technology with Rahi Systems’ expertise in the data centre industry.

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