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PSTI important, says Cado Security

As new laws come into force as part of the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) regulation, we ask Chris Doman, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder, Cado Security ( what it means for consumers.


“This move to implement laws to protect consumers is a positive first step in protecting users of smart devices in the home.  It’s important to recognize the risks posed by any internet-connected device.”

“We’ve previously seen compromised IoT devices such as cameras exploited, not just for criminal gain, but also likely to enable low-tech infrastructure attacks at the start of the conflict in Ukraine.  The threat is huge and will only increase as the number of IoT devices mounts and attackers are given additional access points.”

“The fact we are having to mandate the use of strong passwords, however, is worrying.  This is basic best practice and with attacks happening daily, as a country, and an industry, we should be implementing these processes as standard.  These new laws will need to be regularly updated and adapted to keep pace with the speed of innovation and the threats we are being exposed to.”


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