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Precisely comments on gen AI

According to a recent Gartner survey, 63% of marketing leaders are planning to invest in generative AI in the next 24 months, but with marketing leaders revealing that the utilization of their organization's overall MarTech stack’s capability has dropped to 33% firms are under pressure whether to invest more in their current tech stack, or reallocating finite resources towards generative AI applications.  We talk to Kevin Ruane, Chief Marketing Officer, Precisely ( about the challenges facing marketers who need data that is accurate, consistent, and contextualized if they are to fully embrace the benefits of generative AI …
“In today’s digital world, the pressure is on to stay competitive.  For marketing professionals, that means timely, targeted customer outreach that anticipates market needs.  Generative AI enables marketing teams to quickly produce novel and contextually relevant content, as well as to streamline tasks such as market research and lead scoring.  However, the true power of generative AI can only be fully realized with data that is accurate, consistent, and fully contextualized.  Data integrity is something that marketers are increasingly realising is necessary to produce content that is on-target and unbiased.  Gartner’s recent survey reveals that the lack of robust customer data foundations is one of the top four obstacles preventing business value being unlocked from marketing technology.”

“But achieving data integrity is a complex task, and many marketers need help with data challenges that stand in the way.  Data often resides in isolated silos, is incomplete or riddled with duplicates, lacks standardization, and is challenging to enrich at scale with third-party data and spatial insights – diminishing its integrity and reliability.  Without trustworthy data as an input to generative AI tools, marketing teams risk results that do not deliver business value.  But a strategic approach to data integrity can help marketing organisations rapidly produce content that delights customers and ultimately delivers a strong return on their AI investment.”
More on Gartner’s marketing survey can be found at

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