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Precisely and AWS migrate data

Global data integrity leader, Precisely ( announces it is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on its AWS Mainframe Modernization service.  By leveraging Precisely Connection, AWS customers will be able to securely and efficiently migrate data, as well as access mainframe data on AWS for more powerful analytics.

“Our customers rely on us to provide financial protection for their loved ones, and with over 1,500,000 active policies, central to success is real-time access to trusted data across multiple sources.  This includes mainframe systems – which are notoriously challenging to integrate effectively,” says Steven Hinzmann, Manager of Application Development, AAA Life Insurance.

“Precisely Connect allows us to quickly and easily access vast volumes of historical business and customer data, which is then replicated to the AWS environment where it can be leveraged for advanced analytics.  The combination of Precisely’s rich heritage in handling mainframe data with AWS’s cloud platform has been unbeatable for allowing us to innovate and drive the best possible customer experience.”

“Data is the lifeblood of the digital economy and the pipelines that carry it are essential to a business’s IT infrastructure,” adds Eric Yau, Chief Operating Officer, Precisely.  “Together with AWS, we can help our customers to maximize their data and investments – unlocking the true potential of their critical data assets to power their business by making critical data assets available for AWS and for advanced analytics.”

“AWS and Precisely empower our customers to build trust in their data,” says Bill Platt, General Manager for Migration Services, AWS.  “By integrating data from complex mainframe systems directly onto AWS, customers can rely on their data to be the driving force of confident analytics, and ensure they are deriving maximum value from their infrastructure investments.”

Bring mainframe modernization to market will allows customers to replicate mainframe data onto AWS with zero downtime.  The functionality allows customers to build resilient, high-performance data pipelines that connect data from their mainframe databases to AWS services like Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon Aurora, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon EMR, Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK), Amazon Redshift, Snowflake on AWS, and more.

By accelerating access to mainframe data on AWS, businesses can get mainframe migration projects done on time and on budget, all while extending the value of mission-critical, and high investment, mainframe systems.  The integration solution works within a business’s existing architecture, allowing teams to future-proof solutions and be flexible when introducing new applications and use cases.

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