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Partner technical committee for Netwrix 

Cybersecurity vendor, Netwrix ( establishes a new Partner Technical Committee for its channel partners and their technical resources to evaluate new versions of Netwrix products prior to their release.  

Netwrix was interested in how partners rate the new features, what they consider beneficial for their clients, how easy the new version is to use, and what could be done better.  Both the aggregated feedback and individual responses were sent to the product management team to review for consideration.  

“Channel partners often have a deeper connection with their customers than vendors do, which gives them valuable insight into the genuine value of a new release,” says Simon Pearce, VP of sales, EMEA, Netwrix.  “We specifically involve presales and system engineers, since feedback from those who actively sell and support our products helps us to further enhance a new version before release to ensure the best customer experience.  We are fully committed to our partners’ success by providing our joint customers with effective and convenient data security solutions.”

“I think beta testing programmes are inspiring and productive,” adds Veronica Conti, sales engineer, CIPS Infomatica Srl.  “They enable participants to feel part of a project and are lucky to have a preview of the new capabilities of the solution. It is also gratifying to see that some of our suggestions may lead to additional features from one version to another.”

The first solution to be reviewed by the Channel Partner Technical Committee is the latest version of the company’s flagship product Netwrix Auditor.  Netwrix plans to submit more products from its broad portfolio to the Partner Technical Committee.
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