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Osirium supports Azure AD

Leading UK-based vendor of privileged access security (PAS) solutions, Osirium Technologies Plc ( boosts Azure's privileged endpoint management with the launch of Osirium PEM v3, the only native Azure solution that enables the safe removal of local admin rights from users’ workstations.  


"Osirium PEM v3 supports both Azure AD and traditional on-premises AD.  Organizations can now remove local admin rights whether they use on-premises AD, employ a hybrid model of AD and Azure AD, or are wholly resident on Azure AD for their endpoint management,” explains Stuart McGregor, CEO, Osirium.

“The risk that end users who possess local admin rights will accidentally expose their organization to a breach is ever-present – even if they’re trained to spot phishing attacks, for example.  Demand is rising fast from existing and new customers to protect users’ workstations by removing local admin rights, and many need to support Azure AD access management as they move more of their IT estate to the cloud.  This new release is a unique solution to addressing that specific requirement, with the traditional Osirium strengths of being easy to deploy and manage.”

Integrating Osirium PEM with Azure AD makes access management simple and seamless: IT teams can add the solution directly from the Azure Marketplace into their Azure AD environment, and administer it like any other Azure service.  The end user can run approved applications as administrator, request permission to run an application or – if they’ve been approved – elevate their user session to receive admin privileges. The solution improves governance with the provision of full audit trails and reporting of elevated permission usage.
Osirium PEM v3 is available for immediate download from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. 

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