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Osirium boosts security
UK’s leading Privileged Access Management (PAM) company Osirium ( announces a new level of protection for powerful administrator accounts with the addition of Osirium Automation capabilities to its Osirium PAM offering available to both new and existing Osirium PAM customers at no additional charge.

“Bringing the two offerings together delivers multiple benefits.  It’s all about ‘Getting IT work done’.  Osirium has always had the ability to securely automate tasks requiring privileged access, and now Osirium Automation takes this to the next level,” explains David Guyatt, Osirium’s CEO.

“For some, the value comes from frequent, repetitive IT processes that nevertheless require privileged credentials, like adding users to groups in Active Directory, stopping and starting servers, or account discovery.  For others, the benefit will be in automating complex, multi-system processes like managing recertification, advanced network configuration, or onboarding new employees.”

With privileged credentials involved in over 80% of security breaches, organizations rely on Osirium PAM’s innovative technology to protect their infrastructure against internal and external security breaches.  
With automation, significant cost and time-savings can be achieved.  An early adopter in the financial services sector says, “We had a regular and necessary task that used to take at least half a day to complete.  With Osirium Automation, we can now do the same task seven or eight times every day.”
Osirium Automation delivers time and cost savings by automating complex, multi-system processes securely, allowing them to be delegated to Help Desk engineers or end-users and to free up specialist IT resources. 
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