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Organization update for Infinidat
Changes at Infinidat ( allow Moshe Yanai, Founder and CEO of Infinidat to spend 100% of his time on developing the strategic vision for the company as he steps into the role of Chief Technology Evangelist.

Veteran Infinidat leaders, Kariel Sandler, COO and Nir Simon, CFO, a nine-year Infinidat veteran and Simon, a five-year Infinidat veteran will lead the day-to-day management of the company jointly.

Infinidat has deployed over six exabytes – six million terabytes – of storage in less than six years on the market, with over an exabyte of sales in the past six months alone.  This change will accelerate the strategy to remain the leading supplier of multi-petabyte data storage solutions for enterprises globally.  With a substantial increase in demand for Infinidat’s technologies during COVID-19, the company anticipates an even stronger future, as economies embark on the path to recovery.

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