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New release of WSO2 Choreo

Taking digital apps to a whole new level is WSO2’s ( latest release of its Choreo digital Platform as a Service (digital PaaS).

Choreo empowers organizations to rapidly deliver new digital experiences by creating and deploying services, integrations, and APIs in hours or days versus the weeks or months that most projects take today.  The all-inclusive platform abstracts away the complexity of cloud native infrastructure so that development teams can, for the first time, quickly create, compose, collaborate on, reuse, and deliver API-driven business logic.

“The ability to quickly deliver new digital products and services is separating the market leaders from the followers in almost every industry,” says Eric Newcomer, Chief Technology Officer, WSO2.  “The Choreo digital platform as a service democratizes the necessary capabilities for building cloud native apps and services.  Now developers can immediately collaborate on creating, deploying, securing, and monetizing APIs, integrations and services that deliver business value and great customer experiences.”

“Delivering cloud native applications is a challenging, time-consuming process,” adds Kanchana Wickremasinghe, vice president and general manager of the WSO2 Integration Business Unit.  “Our Choreo digital PaaS hides that complexity, so developers, DevOps teams, and site reliability engineers can team to efficiently build, deploy, observe, secure and manage the applications, APIs and integrations driving their digital innovation.”

As the first commercial solution built on the Ballerina cloud native, open-source programming language and runtime, Choreo is the only platform that enables developers of varying skill levels to create apps using a graphical view of the code, a textual view of the code, or both simultaneously with full round-trip synchronisation.  Developers can focus on building only the core logic they need in a simplified environment with artificial intelligence (AI) assisted development to achieve greater productivity and much faster time to market.
Running on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, Choreo replaces custom tooling and scripting with built-in multi-stage, continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) and deep observability for automatically building, testing, and deploying applications on Kubernetes.  This enables teams to focus on creating production-ready applications instead of managing the underlying infrastructure.
On 21st April 2022, Nuwan Dias, WSO2 vice president and deputy CTO - API Management and Integration will present a webinar to discuss how development and operations teams can take advantage of Choreo’s functionality to quickly create new services, integrations, and APIs.  To register, visit

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