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New milestone for Generis

Mid-sized companies and smaller biotechs are joining big names including Merck and Pfizer in moving to Generis’ CARA Life Sciences ( to manage critical data, content & processes via the single, cloud-based, SaaS platform & information lake.

Over the last 12-18 months, Generis has clocked up a series of impressive new milestones including:

• CARA unique user numbers top 750,000 worldwide, with over 2 billion documents & data objects now managed in CARA.  Numbers of customers & systems deployed have doubled over the last 12-18 months. Generis staff numbers have trebled to cope with demand.
• ‘Build’ partnerships are rocketing too, as application leaders choose to base next-generation products on CARA, to smooth content flow between functions for customers.
• Japan, the world’s second-largest pharma market, embraces CARA Life Sciences at a quickening pace, with a six-fold increase in adoption across the country as word spreads.

“Often companies come to us for one use case, but then they see everything else they could be doing via our one-user/one-licence platform and they’re like kids in a candy store,” says James Kelleher, CEO and Founder, Generis.  “We show them a slide illustrating all of the applications and business cases we serve via CARA, and before long they’re marking it up like a takeaway menu with all of the options they’re interested in.

“They love the whole idea of just having to enter data once, knowing that they can re-use it confidently across multiple use cases, always assured that the source material is correct and consistent,” James continues.  “Everything across our platform uses the same single information lake. That’s what sets CARA apart from other so-called platforms: there are no silos; there is no re-entry of the latest product data from one application to another.

“That’s very powerful for impact assessment too – so if something changes at a manufacturing site, teams can see all of the ramifications with a single button click – instead of via several weeks of function-by-function detective work. Before now, this has been a huge struggle for companies.”

Since its launch of the new-generation cloud-based SaaS version of CARA, and of CARA Life Sciences as a pre-configured layer on top of the platform, Generis has seen a sea change in the diversity of its customer base.  Now, alongside 60% of the top 20 largest pharma, mid- and small-tier pharma companies are taking up CARA due to its limitless potential to transform processes and data/document management across multiple functions – from Clinical Trial Management to Safety/Pharmacovigilance and Quality/QMS.

Of CARA Life Sciences’ soaring adoption in the sizeable Japanese market, James says, “As pharma companies here talk to each other about upcoming system renewals, news of CARA is spreading quickly,” says Kelleher.  “Japanese pharma companies appreciate our local language support, and value our user interface which can be tailored for each market. In Japan, where detail is prized, CARA can provide that on the home screen.”

“We also plan to add an enterprise-wide feature for structured content authoring, and to continue to get across the message about CARA’s potential to more fluidly create documents from master data, and distil and re-use important, detailed data from verified documents. This will help life sciences companies prepare for IDMP and DADI submissions compliance in Europe.”

In the meantime, Generis continues to play an active role in moving on industry discussions about the interplay of data, content, and extended business processes in life sciences through its Big Debate event series.  The next Big Debate, which will be announced shortly, brings together respected visionaries and industry leaders to discuss data ‘ownership’ and governance as more weight is assigned to a single master source of approved, reusable assets.   
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