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Netwrix reports on MSP priorities

Seven in ten Managed Service Providers (MSPs) name data and network security as their top IT priorities for 2023 because they are so integral to their clients’ IT operations, according to the latest report by cybersecurity vendor, Netwrix (

“The ultimate goal of network compromise is usually to gain access to sensitive data.  If an MSP’s network is breached, the attackers can steal, destroy, or encrypt its customers’ data – which could be catastrophic for the MSP’s business,” says Dmitry Sotnikov, Vice President of Product Management, Netwrix.  “To reduce risk, it is vital for MSPs to implement zero standing privilege and password security solutions, as well be ready to defend against cyberattacks with effective identity threat detection and response tools.”

According to the survey, 61% of organizations in the MSP sector suffered a cyberattack within the last 12 months, with the most common attack vectors being phishing, ransomware or another malware attack, and user account compromise.

“Compromising a single MSP account can give an adversary privileged access to the systems of multiple clients, which makes MSPs a particularly lucrative target for attackers,” adds Dirk Schrader, Vice President of Security Research, Netwrix.  “To mitigate the risk of account compromise attacks, MSPs should implement strong password policies, strictly enforce the least privilege principle, continually audit for suspicious activity, and ensure they can respond quickly to threats.”

The additional findings come from a Netwrix research survey of more than 1,600 security and IT professionals. For more information see

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