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NETSCOUT launches VWB channel

he new Visibility Without Borders (VWB) platform from performance management, cybersecurity and DDoS protection solutions leader, NETSCOUT ( is set to provide unrivalled deep packet inspection at scale on a single platform to help organizations realize the full benefit of their digital transformation.

By uniting performance, security, and availability under one common data framework, the NETSCOUT Visibility Without Borders ® platform is designed to help organizations proactively identifying areas of complexity, fragility and risk, and unlocks insights at unparalleled scale to deliver the intelligence needed to increase visibility, improve agility, and keep data and applications secure.
“Nearly all enterprises are on a digital transformation journey to drive greater optional efficiency, leverage data to develop new services, and provide differentiated customer experiences,” says Bob Laliberte, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group.  “However, as more organizations embrace distributed infrastructures, they add complexity, lose control, yet expand their cyber-attack surfaces, opening the door to costly downtime and unaffordable data breaches.  Organizations struggle with the lack of fast, reliable detection and remediation that choke performance, compromise security, and eat away at the availability of key applications, data, services, and systems.”
Smart data, real-time metadata derived from network traffic and packet data, is the ultimate, consistent data source across any IT infrastructure.  It serves as the basis for NETSCOUT’s patented ASI technology and is at the core of NETSCOUT’s VWB platform.  

“Our customers are looking for a platform that can give them the visibility they need to ensure their digital transformation investments continue to bring value to their organization,” adds Michael Szabados, Chief Operating Officer, NETSCOUT.  “We help them manage their performance, availability, and security challenges through a single platform that can infinitely and seamlessly scale from remote users to premises to co-locations and multi-cloud environments.  This powerful platform results from our decades of experience delivering deep packet inspection at unlimited scale.”

More about NETSCOUT’s Visibility Without Borders platform can be found in the whitepaper ‘Enabling the Unstoppable Enterprise’ at

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