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NEO4j extends in Google Cloud

World leading graph data and analytics company Neo4j ( is extending its strategic partnership with Google Cloud with the introduction of a new native integration with Google Cloud’s BigQuery cloud data warehouse.  This will allow users to extend SQL analysis with graph-native data science and machine learning and help customers gather deeper analytical insights and expand problem-solving abilities as they work seamlessly between BigQuery and Neo4j Graph Data Science.

The move also sees Neo4j integrated within the BigQuery Partner Center, which will allow its customers to seamlessly utilize Neo4j Graph Data Science from within the BigQuery experience.
Google Cloud BigQuery integration enables users to conduct deep graph analysis of connected data, in-memory within Neo4j, and return results to BigQuery for use in downstream models and analysis.  This means that customers can build graph data models in BigQuery and move them directly into Neo4j Graph Data Science in a few simple steps, eliminating the need for extra software or data staged in a queuing system.  Additionally, data engineers can work entirely within BigQuery to build models for deep graph analysis in Neo4j Graph Data Science.
“As graph technology continues to advance, we are excited about expanding our partnership with Neo4j to introduce this new integration with Google BigQuery.  The powerful combination of Graph Data Science with BigQuery will enable customers to solve even more complex problems, with the ability to conduct deep graph analysis of connected data with a seamless experience.  We are excited to bring these innovations to market, together with Neo4j,” says Ritika Suri, Director of Technology Partnerships, Google Cloud.
“Data scientists can now make better AI predictions thanks to Neo4j's integration with Google Cloud’s BigQuery,” says Emil Eifrem, CEO and Co-founder, Neo4j.  “Graph-powered AI has changed the landscape for intelligent applications and large language models (LLM), improving their accuracy and unlocking new use case possibilities with graph algorithms and graph visualization.  We are excited by what we can enable for our customers together with this latest milestone.”

“We chose Neo4j Graph Data Science on AuraDS because it is a completely managed, cloud-based infrastructure combined with an elegant and user-friendly set of tools and extensive library of production-ready data science algorithms that gives us confidence in our platform and allows us to focus on our data and application development,” explains Matthew Bernardini, Founder & CEO, Zenapse.  “Neo4j Graph Data Science makes it easy to quantify the relationships and similarities that exist in the digital world and to surface new insights about these connected relationships.  We are excited about the integration capabilities between Google Cloud’s BigQuery and Neo4j AuraDS to further exploit additional data insights which can be discovered by moving the data seamlessly between the two platforms.”

This latest partnership milestone comes as graph databases and graph data science technology are dramatically accelerating advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, helping enterprises find hidden relationships and patterns across billions of data connections deeply, easily, and quickly.  According to Gartner, graph technologies will be used in 80% of data and analytics innovations by 2025,up from 10% in 2021, “facilitating rapid decision-making across the enterprise.”
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