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Moody AI

Can AI really detect our moods?  Well, Spotify certainly thinks so as it patents its voice recognition technology capable of tailoring bespoke music recommendations to our emotions and environment.

In a
blog, Rightly explains how this technology could benefit all our lives – although we may need to watch out that tech giants don’t become too enthusiastic in manipulating consumers this way.

By analysing tone, rhythm and speech patterns, the technology is able to infer our emotional state, age, and gender, and use this to suggest songs accordingly.  The technology can also determine personality type: “the tone of voice may be more upbeat, high-pitched and/or exciting for users that have been assigned the personality trait of extroversion,” explains

“There are of course grave potential misuses of the ability to track the everyday emotions of people, such as to manipulate mood or the sharing of this sensitive information for commercial gain with third parties.  But, the positives could also be profound, such as the ability to soothe our mental state or physical pain.  As ever, it is less the intrinsic nature of the technology itself, but rather how it will be used.”

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