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Mitsubishi Electric data leak

Commenting on the recent Mitsubishi Electric data leak, Jake Olcott, VP of Government Affairs at BitSight (, the leader in Security Ratings says,  “The Mitsubishi Electric data breach once again highlights the need for national organisations such as public services and Government agencies to take a proactive approach to monitoring their own third-party network of suppliers, in any sector. Management of third-party cyber risk is now a priority.”

“These organizations must recognise that their third parties can create risk to themselves and its core operations.  Actively measuring and managing third-party cyber risk is not a ‘nice to have’ – it’s a necessity to modern businesses.  This requires verification, continuous monitoring, and active collaboration with an organisation’s third-party ecosystem; tools such as Security Ratings can provide significant value in constantly assessing this risk, for public sector bodies,” comments Olcott.

The Japanese subsidiary of parent company, Mitsubishi, has also revealed that the personal information of more than 8,122 applicants, employees and retirees might have been leaked during the large-scale cyber-attack. 

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