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Managing HR data

One of the most pressing problems facing HR today is dirty data that is, missing data, inaccurate data, duplicate data, says HR and payroll software specialists, XCD (

Even with the most basic HR processes, untrustworthy, disparate data takes time to find and verify.  Working with bad data makes everything take longer for instance, appraisal data sits inaccessible on a line manager’s laptop; absence records are held locally but don’t get updated on the central record; of critical productivity information is lost or forgotten the moment a project is closed; and the cost of bad data compounds even further as businesses move toward full digitalization.

In HR, business leaders need quick, easy access to data and reporting tools.  But a worryingly large number of organizations are hampered in this because of the way HR data systems are structured, with people data siloed and incompatible.

Similarly, information on various HR processes is necessarily recorded by different people across several locations – and while it’s undertaken with enthusiasm ranging from ‘begrudging compliance’, to ‘oh, sorry, we forgot again’, different variation and interpretations often creep in.

So, what can be done?  XCD’s work with and international security firm in Iraq highlights the steps it took to solve the problem  


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