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Major General opens Infosec

Major General Tom Copinger-Symes CBE, Director of Strategy and Military Digitization with UK Strategic Command, has been announced as the main opening keynote speaker at Infosecurity Europe ( Europe’s most influential information security event.

His presentation ‘Tackling the Uncertain Future of Security Threats’ is expected to be gripping as Major General Copinger-Symes describes how UK Defence is meeting the threats and opportunities of the Information Age in an environment characterised by geopolitical shifts, systemic competition, and rapid technological change.  The insights and experiences he will be sharing will help security professionals from all kinds of organization to adapt to the changing threat landscape and anticipate, prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from risks.
“It’s a privilege to be able to learn from the officer who’s leading the digital transformation of the UK’s armed forces,” says Nicole Mills, Exhibition Director, Infosecurity Group.  “Major General Copinger-Symes’s talk will be an absolute must-see, particularly in the current context, where we’re witnessing first-hand the role that information and its security plays in international conflict.  He has a unique perspective into the security risks that surface during times of disruption, and the strategies and tactics used to exploit vulnerabilities.  Visitors will be able to take these insights back to their organisations to sharpen defences against the threats they face.”
In his talk, Maj Gen Copinger-Symes will explore how the ubiquitous availability of information, coupled with rapid technological development, has changed the character of warfare.  As well as the risk of conventional war, threat actors have developed cyber capabilities and misinformation strategies that allow them to attack below the threshold of conflict.  Success against today’s Defence challenges requires strategic thinking, interoperability, cultural change and much more rapid capability development and delivery – of both hardware and software.
Maj Gen Copinger-Symes says: “How does a nation cope with increased sophistication of cyber and information warfare, accelerating geopolitical threats and exponential developments in technology?  With more and more of our life and work being empowered by, but also reliant on, data and digital technology, threat actors large and small have developed cyber capabilities and misinformation strategies.  I am looking forward to speaking at Infosecurity Europe in June, to share how UK Defence is adapting to meet these threats and, where possible, turn them into opportunities.  Whilst the future is uncertain, it is our job to plan, to prepare, and to protect our nation, our citizens and our allies from these threats.”

Infosecurity Europe will run from 21-23 23 June 2022 at ExCeL London.  Free visitor registration is now open at
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