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Logpoint releases Logpoint for SAP Enterprise

Bridging the gap between SAP security and cybersecurity comes Logpoint for SAP Enterprise (  The new release introduces agent-less security monitoring that collects SAP data sources with a remote connector and feeds them into a SIEM solution to advance organizations’ SAP security levels and bolster protection.
SAP is a business-critical software containing data about finances, suppliers and customers, intellectual property about products and innovations, and trade secrets. But the security maturity levels of SAP are significantly behind the maturity level of cybersecurity, and as such are a gold mine for cybercriminals.
“SAP systems are vulnerable to cyberattacks and fraud because the security is managed in silo from the cybersecurity department.  We’re excited to introduce holistic SAP monitoring, empowering organizations to detect attacks on SAP, such as suspicious, unauthorized, high-privilege access to sensitive data, and to remain in control of their most crucial assets,” says Christoph Aschauer, Director, Logpoint for SAP.  “With Remote Connector, Logpoint for SAP Enterprise removes the complexities of installations, facilitates a quick roll-out and provides the customer with rapid time-to-value, making it particularly suitable for large SAP environments and MSSPs.”

Logpoint for SAP Enterprise supports the three major SAP technology platforms: SAP NetWeaver ABAP application; SAP NetWeaver JAVA application and SAP HANA database; and merges and replaces the existing Logpoint for SAP Light and Logpoint for SAP HANA.
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