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Logpoint boosts BCS for SAP BTP

The release of Logpoint’s ( Business-Critical Security (BCS) for SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) will offer extensive threat visibility to help secure the platform against malicious activities.

SAP BTP is a set of integrated services and tools that facilitate application development, deployment, and management.  It offers database and data management, analytics, machine learning, and more capabilities, making it a versatile platform for creating various applications, including web and mobile applications.  However, as SAP BTP serves as a central point to the entire cloud infrastructure, it potentially provides threat actors with access to applications built on the platform and all integrations between SAP BTP and other applications.
“Organizations use SAP BTP for developing and deploying applications, and if it gets compromised, the entire cloud infrastructure can be at risk.  Until now, SAP Basis Managers have had to access, review and correlate reports in each cloud system individually, which requires a substantial amount of effort, leading to missed opportunities to handle security breaches before they turn into problems,” says Sükrü Ilker Birakoglu, Senior Director, Logpoint.

“Our solution elevates the security of SAP BTP and boosts the security posture.  A login from an unauthorized location triggers an alert for immediate notification.  The monitoring capability empowers administrators to quickly scrutinise patterns and deviations from established norms and discern potential security threats and anomalies.  With our real-time capabilities and actionable dashboards, we empower SAP Basis Managers to be proactive and mitigate threats in the early stages of an attack.”
Logpoint BCS for SAP BTP is an add-on to Logpoint BCS for SAP solutions, which provides visibility across the SAP environment and empowers organizations to effectively respond to threats.  The new solution helps organizations to save time, resources and alleviates alert fatigue with intuitive dashboards, offering an easy and prioritized overview of security incidents allowing users to act promptly and effectively to mitigate threats.  

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