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Logpoint BCS gets SAP patching 

The latest release of Logpoint’s ( Vulnerability Monitoring Analyzer brings new capabilities to its Business-Critical Security (BCS) solutions by enabling organizations to automate the assessment of SAP patches and identify how these are prioritized.

SAP releases security patches once a month to protect its users against vulnerabilities continually.  But as SAP patching is carried out manually, a typical SAP customer needs more than 100 days on average to manually install critical security corrections, potentially exposing the business during that time and leaving it wide open for cybercriminals looking to exploit systems lacking critical security updates.  
“SAP patches are crucial for maintaining the security, stability, and performance of the SAP software products as well as keeping your organisation’s business processes running smoothly,” explains Sükrü Ilker Birakoglu, Senior Director, Logpoint.  “Evaluating the patches’ relevancy is a lengthy, tedious, and time-consuming process, resulting in a reactive approach to the review process.  This is problematic as cyber attackers specifically target the SAP systems that have not yet received the latest security updates.”

Logpoint’s Vulnerability Monitoring Analyzer automatically reads the technical content of released patches and matches its release version with the system’s release version throughout thousands of repositories.  The solution also provides a comprehensive overview of components and their patch levels, component versions of Kernel, Database, Library, etc., and the SAP GUI version.
“With the Vulnerability Monitoring Analyzer, we aim to help SAP basis managers and administrators, and SAP security consultants enhance efficiency, amplify the security posture, and improve the uptime of their most valuable applications by automating SAP patch monitoring and configuration,” adds Birakoglu.  “We provide actionable insights to help customers work effectively on remediating the most critical issues faster.”
As an integral part of Logpoint BCS for SAP, the Vulnerability Monitoring Analyzer works instantly without additional installation and configuration efforts integrating fully with Logpoint’s Converged SIEM platform to deliver comprehensive threat detection and incident response across the entire IT infrastructure.

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