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LogicMonitor now on Google Cloud
Award-winning, cloud-based IT infrastructure monitoring and observability platform, LogicMonitor ( is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace.  Across the globe, Google Cloud customers are now able to discover, implement and manage LogicMonitor on Google Cloud with just a few clicks.

Purchasing through Google Cloud Marketplace enables customers to quickly integrate with LogicMonitor’s agentless platform.  Users can obtain insights into the health, performance and associated costs of their cloud and on-premises infrastructure in minutes with automatic discovery and auto-populated dashboards.

Customers can also benefit from comprehensive and actionable visibility with LogicMonitor’s out-of-the-box metrics and pre-configured alert thresholds for Google Cloud services, including the widely adopted Anthos.  In addition, meaningful service-orientated views help users better understand long term trends and overall service health for dynamic Google Cloud services with ephemeral underlying resources, such as autoscaled Compute Engine instances and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) clusters.

"Our enterprise customers are investing in Google Cloud to support their goals to drive better customer experiences.  With LogicMonitor's leading IT observability platform, we're able to scale with our customers as they migrate and adopt Google Cloud services quickly and securely,” says  Kevin McGibben, CEO of LogicMonitor.  “Being included in the Google Cloud Marketplace is an important next step in our partnership with Google Cloud to make the LogicMonitor platform even more accessible to modern enterprises.”

“LogicMonitor’s platform provides Google Cloud customers choice on visibility and management tools to successfully manage their Google Cloud services and infrastructure,” adds Rayn Veerubhotla, director, partnerships at Google Cloud.  “We are delighted that LogicMonitor is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace, making it simpler than ever for customers to get started.”
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