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Remote working blamed for cyber risks

A Netwrix ( study dedicated to Sysadmin Day  reveals that 68% of Sysadmins say their organizations face increased risk of cybersecurity attacks due to the shift to remote work, and two thirds (66%) of system administrators say they have had to deal with an increased workload, and more than a third (38%) say that lack of tools to support remote work is a challenge.

“System administrators play a vital role in protecting their organization’s data.  Throughout the deep disruption of the past year, sysadmins were the ones battling to hold up the sky for businesses,” says Ilia Sotnikov, Security Strategist & VP of User Experience, Netwrix.  “IT teams truly need support in this battle, starting with basic privacy mindfulness from every employee and ending with investment in tools and other resources to help prioritize risks, spot threats to valuable data and simplify data security.”

The full ‘2021 Netwrix Sysadmin Report’ can be found at  visit:

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