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LogicMonitor acquires Unomaly

LogicMonitor (, a lead9ing provider of infrastructure intelligence across both on-premises and cloud, has acquired Unomaly (, an AIOps company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

The acquisition accelerates LogicMonitor’s AIOps roadmap and will help ITOps teams quickly gain the intelligent insights needed to determine when and how to embrace automation in order to resolve IT infrastructure issues before they disrupt the business.  Additionally, this will help DevOps teams access insights derived from unexpected events and changes in infrastructure or applications, in order to optimize and refine continuous delivery approaches.
“We’re excited to welcome Unomaly to the LogicMonitor family,” says Kevin McGibben, CEO of LogicMonitor. “The value of Unomaly's patented algorithms, combined with LogicMonitor's existing AIOps capabilities, will further help IT teams operating in complex infrastructure environments use AI to automatically analyze and surface anomalies.  The result is that users gain the ability to proactively take action before the bottom line is negatively impacted.”

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