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IPC to launch voice app store
A leading global provider of secure, compliant communications and networking solutions for the global financial markets, IPC ( will leverage the OpenFin operating system for the financial community to build a voice app store for IPC’s 110,000+ global user community.

Through IPC’s “App Store” environment, traders and other regulated users will be able to: use IPC-developed applications seamlessly and efficiently alongside proprietary, client-developed applications without the need for native integration; have access market data and trade lifecycle services available in IPC’s Connexus Cloud platform through any OpenFin-enabled desktop, any of IPC’s terminals or any IPC ‘soft’ trading communications solution; and integrate third-party applications available within the OpenFin ecosystem directly into IPC-powered trading communications workflows.
“Our strategic partnership with OpenFin embraces an open platform approach and is a game-changing proposition that transforms how financial institutions consume applications, share data and optimise workflows.  Our global community of 110,000+ users and 6,600+ market participants can rapidly exchange information across platforms and devices by leveraging the interoperability and technological flexibility that OpenFin brings,” says Bob Santella, Chief Executive Officer, IPC.

“Financial market participants across the spectrum are racing to modernize their legacy technology and empower users with new productivity tools,” explains Mazy Dar, Chief Executive Officer, OpenFin (

“Digital workspaces and contextual workflows are the future, and voice is a crucial information source within this.  We are excited to enter into this partnership with IPC in order to help their large and diverse client community further unlock the power of voice.”

“A shared and open tech stack is critical in helping financial institutions in their digitalisation journeys,” adds Jefferies Financial Group.  “This partnership between IPC and OpenFin is a constructive step toward ensuring the interoperability of our applications that are revolutionizing how trading desks share data and communicate with each other.”

The partnership will be rolled out in multiple phases. The initial phase will allow all users to consume Blotter, a pioneering data visualization solution that structures and digitizes voice communications sent over IPC’s innovative IQ/MAX Touch terminal, through OpenFin.  When running within the OpenFin environment, Blotter can organically share data across multiple applications and vendor platforms to enable automation of complex trading workflows.  



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