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IoT top for IT decision makers

Information security and technology PR specialist, Origin Comms (, announces that 1 in 5 IT decision makers are now consuming media via IoT devices.

The research entitled ‘Targeting Information Security Professionals Based on the New Dynamics of Media Consumption’ ( highlights that, since last year, the proportion consuming IT security content via IoT-enabled devices such as smartwatches or Amazon Alexa has leapt from 3% in 2018 to 11% in 2019.  Furthermore, for consuming IT content generally it has jumped from 7% in 2018 to 19% in 2019 using the same sources.

YouTube and other video channels, similarly, have grown in popularity as security-specific news sources, from 2% in 2018 to 12%.  Conversely, consumption via social media sites including Facebook and Twitter has declined slightly from 19% to 17% in 2019.  Radio (3%) continues to trail at the back of the field.

The research was conducted to update insights into the changing dynamics of media consumption among IT decision makers.  When questioned on which media they consume most frequently, the largest proportions follow tech websites (67%) and IT security-specific websites (64%), with vendor websites third (28%).

Almost half of IT decision makers (47%) spend between 31 minutes to two hours researching news of a data breach when they hear of it, yet admitted to spending an average of only 7 minutes reading other news articles at any given time.

“With data breaches making headlines almost daily, this provides huge opportunities for organizations looking to provide insight, particularly given this type of article really captures the attention of key audiences and decision makers,” says Paula Averley, Founder and Director, Origin Comms.

“We also asked respondents about print and online outlets they visit most frequently, specifically for IT security content,” continues Averley.  “Tech websites (32%) and IT security-specific websites (32%) came out on top, in line with our previous survey in 2018.  This means cybersecurity vendors have plenty of choice and opportunity to raise their profile via the media, and online websites and magazines remain popular for media consumption within the IT security community.”

New to the 2019 research, Origin asked what drives respondents’ decisions to attend/exhibit at trade events and the importance of these drivers in the decision-making process.  Aside from the reputation of the event itself, 78% of respondents said that industry education, hearing and meeting speakers and the calibre of attending companies all ranked highest in terms of being very, or extremely important (77%) in the decision to attend or exhibit at an exhibition.

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