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Integrity360 comments on PSTI

As new laws come into force as part of the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) regulation, we ask Ellis Reed, Solutions Architect, Integrity360 ( for his views.


“It’s encouraging news for consumers of internet-connected smart devices that legal mandates are being introduced to establish a more secure baseline for smart devices, it’s important to acknowledge that many manufacturers have already recognized the critical importance of prioritizing cybersecurity throughout the design and production process of their products.  Consequently, most of the well-known smart device manufacturers have proactively integrated robust security measures into their product development lifecycle, which have been in place for some time.”

“It’s crucial to highlight the importance of user responsibility in upholding cybersecurity.  Users must take personal responsibility for practicing good cyber hygiene, including measures such as using multi-factor authentication on accounts, ensuring you do not repeat or reuse the same password regardless of complexity, regularly updating devices when prompted for security updates, and remaining vigilant against common attack vectors like phishing attempts.”

“Even with the enforcement of complex passwords, the effectiveness of these security measures can be undermined if users inadvertently compromise their credentials through negligence or if malicious actors exploit device vulnerabilities.  Therefore, fostering user awareness and adherence to cybersecurity best practices remains paramount in safeguarding against evolving threats in the digital landscape.”

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