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Infinisafe Cyber Protection Update

Earlier this year, Infinidat ( announced it was expanding its enterprise cyber storage resilience and recovery capabilities by adding a powerful component to its industry acclaimed InfiniSafe® technology and in May it released InfiniSafe Cyber Detection to the market (  We caught up with Bill Basinas, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Infinidat for an update on how the market has responded to the new offering.

“InfiniSafe Cyber Detection is an optional component of our core InfiniSafe cyber security solution that provides our customers with critical added functionality to help secure, understand, and be able to quickly recover any protected data that may be compromised by a ransomware or malware attack.”

“Given the importance of cyber security and that it’s one of the top two most important concerns of the CEOs of the Fortune 500 companies, it is important to let everyone know that Infinidat has delivered on its promise.  We are not standing still!  This is just the next step in helping you avoid a costly cybersecurity situation.”

“InfiniSafe Cyber Detection uses powerful machine learning (ML) technology, trained on tens of millions of compromised datasets.  All this learning and capability means users can scan their primary storage datasets from InfiniSafe’s immutable snapshots.  We have built an orchestrator that comes with the scanning engine to make this process secure, easy, and repeatable.  But, most importantly, it is accurate.”

“All this technology and ML leverages over 200 data points to determine if data has been compromised or not and can be identified as “known good”.  The results of those data scans have proven to be extremely accurate, and InfiniSafe Cyber Detection has a 99.5% accuracy rate.  Scanning results from tools that are not accurate make investments in those tools useless because it is just too difficult to sort out the good scans from the bad.  Not the case with InfiniSafe Cyber Detection – users get detailed reports and logs of exactly what was found and where.”

“What about new vulnerabilities and variants?  That’s a very valid concern and why again all the ML and testing we do is so important.  As new variants appear, yes they are likely to be different, but they do carry many of the same characteristics as those that appeared before and, thus, are identified appropriately to be looked at by your forensic team.  That is where all the automated learning done in secure labs makes a big difference, and as we move ahead into 2024, we will continue to expand the functionality of InfinSafe Cyber Detection with updates and new capabilities specifically around VMware.”

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