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Infinidat transforms Kotak Securities

Enterprise storage solutions leader, Infinidat is transforming the storage infrastructure of Kotak Securities Limited (KSL), one of India’s largest full-service stock broking firms, with the award-winning InfiniBox® storage solution.

With a national footprint of 175+ branches, 1,300+ franchisees and satellite offices across more than 370 cities in India, KSL takes a technology-first approach, simplifying investment solutions.  The reliability, availability, flexibility, and streamlined simplicity of the InfiniBox solution that supports KSL’s advanced digital trading platform for its four million investors are critical.  As an increasing number of traders in India are doing mobile trades and self-trades on KSL’s trading platform, Infinidat’s 100% availability guarantee and staunch reliability ensure that the KSL trading platform is always accessible.  The high performance drives fast transactions and accelerates the speed of applications and workloads.

“As a leading stock brokerage firm with a strong pan-India presence, I am extremely excited that Kotak Securities is trusting their stock trading platform, used by millions of people in India, on our InfiniBox enterprise storage solution,” says Steve Sullivan, Chief Revenue Officer, Infinidat.  “Infinidat has a strong presence in the global financial sector due to our unrivaled performance and availability, as well as our superior white glove customer service.  Tackling multi-petabyte workloads is our specialty, achieving the perfect balance of technical and business value, while always maintaining a superior TCO.  I look forward to working with Kotak to redefine reliability in the dynamic world of Indian stock broking and setting new benchmarks for success.”

“Our experience with Infinidat has been outstanding, both in terms of the innovation of the storage technology as well as the unique level of service and support that Infinidat provides,” adds Anilkumar Nair, Executive Vice President, KSL.  “They have made it very simple to put our trust in Infinidat as an enterprise storage solution provider.  We have obtained significant business value and technical advancements from the InfiniBox platform, combined with Infinidat’s proactive support.”  

By adopting Infinidat’s flexible consumption model for a “pay as you grow” approach with InfiniBox, KSL pays only for the storage capacity they need and use allowing them to make significant efficiency gains by not having to pay for unused storage space, delivers cost savings and ensures a positive ROI.   “The performance, reliability, availability, and simplified manageability of the InfiniBox system, coupled with cloud-like, flexible consumption models, made it an easy decision to go with Infinidat for the long term for our enterprise storage needs,” says Rohan Gaonkar, Vice President of Information Technology, KSL.  “I am delighted how easy the user interface is and how simple Infinidat has made scaling storage to be.  As our business requirements are dynamic, we can grow one petabyte in the same box without any costly upgrades, and there’s no downtime to do it.  We just need to issue a purchase order.”

Additionally, KSL also benefits from Infinidat’s white glove service, which provides comprehensive, proactive support that differentiates Infinidat from the competition in the storage industry.  “Infinidat’s white glove service is great, and it’s very unique in the industry.  It’s really good to know there is always someone there at Infinidat to assist us.  When we want to understand something better or do something, we can always ask our Technical Advisor who is assigned to us.  The expertise of the TA is extremely handy, especially when we are planning for a new application. And with the direct line to L3 support at all times, we see much faster time to solution to any issue than any other IT vendors, including the biggest tech companies in the world.  No other tech company does service and support the way Infinidat does it,” comments Nair.

Infinidat’s award-winning platform-native data services and acclaimed white glove service are continuously recommended by customers, as recognized by Gartner® Peer Insights reviews.

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