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Infinidat launches Infinibox SSA II

Leading provider of enterprise storage solutions, Infinidat ( launches InfiniBox™ SSA II, its next generation solid state array portfolio of storage and cyber resilient solutions.

With this announcement, Infinidat is also extending its cyber resilient capabilities with InfiniSafe® to primary storage and rolling out significant enhancements to the performance, AIOps, and efficiency of the company’s first generation of the InfiniBox SSA.  The new InfiniBox SSA II delivers lower latency than any other comparable enterprise storage platform in the industry, delivering an unprecedented 35 microseconds of latency.  This enhancement will allow customers to not only have optimal application and workload performance, but also allow for substantial storage consolidation, dramatically transforming storage performance, increasing efficiency, and reducing total cost.

InfiniBox SSA II also enhances Infinidat’s core software, optimizing for additional interconnects while increasing parallelism for additional cores.  New algorithms also provide for workload optimization.  Harnessing these updates as a core software element, Infinidat’s Neural Cache can provide InfiniBox with consistently high performance and the lowest latency.  Furthermore, the InfiniBox, including Neural Cache with its industry-leading cache utilization, automatically adapts to changes, such as adding new servers and applications without human intervention.  The set-it-and-forget-it approach that Infinidat pioneered reinforces the ease of use and very low administrative overhead that users experience with the InfiniBox platform.

The InfiniGuard® secondary storage system with the InfiniSafe Reference Architecture combines immutable snapshots of data, logical air gapping, fenced forensic environment, and virtually instantaneous data recovery, and is now extended into the InfiniBox SSA II, as well as the entire InfiniBox family to provide unrivaled cyber resilience to ensure exceptional cybersecurity and combat cyberattacks across the entire storage estate and data infrastructure.

Infinidat is also introducing InfiniOps™, a world-class operations portfolio that features AIOps inside the box with InfiniVerse™ as well as tight integration with the ever-widening AIOps data center ecosystem and expansion of DevOps solutions.  

The company is also rolling out new CSI 2.1.0 support for Kubernetes, VMware Tanzu, and RedHat OpenShift environments.  Additionally, Infinidat is delivering Ansible integration enhancements to simplify storage system management and integration.

“Our InfiniBox SSA II continues to raise the bar in performance, utilizing 100% solid state technology for persistent storage, which when coupled with Neural Cache and the company’s software advancements with autonomous automation, takes groundbreaking performance to the next level. In addition, the new SSA II delivers the same 100% availability, white glove service, and lower total cost of ownership that defines the industry acclaimed InfiniBox customer experience,” says Phil Bullinger, CEO, Infinidat.

“Infinidat is accelerating its business with the InfiniBox solid state array platform, expanding our opportunities and capturing all-flash wins in the enterprise storage market where the highest levels of performance and availability, extensive cyber resilience, and cost-effectiveness are required for the most demanding applications and workloads.  We have a comprehensive portfolio of enterprise storage and cyber resilient solutions powered by a common software architecture across our InfiniBox, InfiniBox SSA II and InfiniGuard platforms, having expanded and enhanced the value and capabilities we are bringing to our customers extensively since early 2021.”  

“Somewhere between 5% and 10% of most IT organizations’ applications are considered 'tier 0' and require the lowest, most consistent latencies, and many enterprises will only look at all-flash systems to address the latency requirements of these generally mission-critical workloads,” adds Eric Burgener, Research Vice President, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group, IDC.  “Infinidat is squarely targeting this market segment with its InfiniBox SSA, and the vendor's updated capabilities, including the ability to deliver latencies as low as 35 microseconds and the InfiniBox SSA II's new InfiniSafe cyber resilience support, make it an excellent fit for tier 0 workloads in the enterprise.  The SSA has been very successful for Infinidat: in the latest fiscal quarter, which ended in March, it contributed roughly 15% of overall revenue.”

“At Telia Cygate, a managed service provider, our customers’ business needs have evolved, and a proportion of their mission-critical applications required higher performance capabilities.  As an existing customer of Infinidat’s InfiniBox, we immediately thought of Infinidat for our solution,” says Reima Perho, Chief Technology Officer, Telia Cygate Oy.  “With the InfiniBox SSA we found the answer to the performance needs of our customers and have enjoyed Infinidat’s excellent customer experience and uncompromising reliability. Our InfiniBox SSA met the very high-performance expectations for the most demanding customer workloads.  We can’t wait for the new advancements and end customer value in Infinidat’s future releases, including InfiniBox SSA II.”

“Technologent is known for partnering with the best technology vendors to ensure we bring the most efficient solutions to our customers,” says Trent Widtfeldt, Chief of Engineering, Technologent.  “Infinidat has always been a key partner in this area, and with their new InfiniBox SSA II offering, we’re able to bring 35 microsecond latency and 100% availability to help our customers meet the most demanding workloads.  Plus, with the InfiniSafe Cyber Resiliency Technology extending into the InfiniBox portfolio, we’re able to provide our customers the peace of mind they need in a time filled with cyber attacks and data breaches.”

Like all Infinidat solutions, the new InfiniBox SSA II is available with Infinidat’s flexible consumption options including Storage-as-a-Service with Infinidat’s FLX program, Capacity on Demand with Infinidat’s Elastic Pricing model, and traditional purchase. 
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