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Industry first for NETSCOUT

A leader in cybersecurity, service assurance, and business analytics solutions, NETSCOUT Systems ( launches an industry-first Smart Edge Monitoring Solution to give IT teams complete visibility, insights and the highest-quality end-user experience in any network or application regardless of where employees perform their job.

By reimagining service assurance for the hybrid enterprise, NETSCOUT is the first to introduce an entirely new, patent-pending architecture that combines smart data analytics with synthetic transaction testing to deliver visibility and support for the end-user experience whether working at home, business offices, or remote locations.

Smart Edge Monitoring overcomes one of IT’s biggest challenges in problem identification and resolution in complex, multi-vendor environments.  Through integrated analysis, the solution quickly understands what the end-user experience is and exactly why issues are occurring.  As a result, this unique solution drives significant reductions in time-to-resolution for any application issue, including SaaS, UCaaS, VoIP, video, and data.

Enterprise organizations all have remote locations representing an edge in their network – manufacturing, banking, and retail have factories, branches, and stores – many of which have gaps in visibility when problems occur.  Smart Edge Monitoring closes those gaps with flexible, cost-effective alternatives to get the proper analysis in the right edge location for improved end-user experience and problem resolution.

The value of combining the synthetic testing and packet analysis in Smart Edge Monitoring is that emerging problems are detected as early as possible, so IT teams can quickly discover the reason why and pinpoint where they are happening.  Although historically, siloed tools might have provided one or the other analysis, Smart Edge Monitoring merges them with integrated analysis and logical workflows that dramatically reduce end-user impact and the time required to solve complex issues.

“IT organizations face big decisions in managing and advancing their networks and management approaches, which became even more urgent, during the pandemic on multiple fronts – from operations to optimization, from resolution to readiness, and from core and cloud to edge and client,” says Mark Leary, Research Director, Network Analytics, IDC.  “To address the next normal in network management, ITOps needs to be able to diagnose whether applications, clients, services, or network infrastructure are causing performance problems.  Here, it is vital to pinpoint and resolve service degradation issues across any domain rapidly and accurately.”
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